Custom suit needed to be made ASAP. .if you can....

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    Custom suit needed to be made ASAP. .if you can....

    I need plans for soft parts like the jumpsuit and the vest.. if anyone has patterns please email me

    this is in an ASAP for i need to get them and produce them like... now.

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    Re: Custom suit needed to be made ASAP. .if you can....

    Um, welcome to TDH?
    While I understand the necessity of needing the patterns (Halloween, I assume), people generally introduce themselves in their first post.
    Your best bet is to use the search engine to find what you need rather than wait on someone to post, directing you to what you need. If you check the "Soft Parts" section, you'll find what you are looking for.


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    Re: Custom suit needed to be made ASAP. .if you can....

    sorry not to introduce.. its been a rough week, I will do a proper intro on my.. um.. 20th post? or next time I can when Iam not so stressed I feel a heart attack coming. Ive looked through the topics.. and I cannot find a template with appropriate measurements for the hard armor, which iam focusing on first, i need to know the sizing of the sternum pice, the breast pieces and the ab piece and backplate, this means like... the whole thing.. the total height width and angles.... itd be wonderful to be able to buy or borrow someones template or a copy of it, something to trace around onto my plastic. Thank you again.

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    Re: Custom suit needed to be made ASAP. .if you can....

    there ya go. Many people use red kap coveralls

    Get bleached white, and run to wal-mart for twill pattern white material and sew your own pockets and short sleeves, and dye.

    you may be able to get a vest from TK-409 at his web site.

    but its kinda short notice so I doubt it. no idea what pattern to use, I did make my own vest one time from viynl, but I made it without a pattern. I just cut up an old t-shirt and pinned it together untill I got the size I wanted.

    Most importantly dont try and rush people or info by posting 10000 topics at once, I think its frowned on. All this info I picked up was readily available in the search engine.

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    Re: Custom suit needed to be made ASAP. .if you can....

    i know, and thanks for the sites, the 3 posts i made seem to have had a great impact though, ive gotten many emails and many PMs to help me, again, I will delete these myself afterwords, i know they just clutter it up.

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    Re: Custom suit needed to be made ASAP. .if you can....

    whew time for an update for everyone, thanks to a very very handy special guy out there *cough*rimshot*cough* I have a decent looking ESB "haloween costume". The basic armor and suit he provided for me fits, rather snug, but itll do for haloween, its missing some pieces, and well, I did some of them using some plastic called....Makrolon.. wich well NEVER EVER EVEN THINK OF USING THIS PLASTIC SINTRA IS SO MUCH BETTER AND EASIER. First of all to cut this sucka I needed an industrial strength sawblade, then to WARP it... not really bending.. or moulding, I had to use a heat gun at tempetures reaching about 1200*F (not kidding) this stuff is tough, but its crap all round for armor,besides these facts its crystal clear, think itll make some neat armor like that right? WRONG, this stuff gets brittle and shatters in sunlight (prolonged time..) so unless you plan on it night time only, itll break. Secondly, paint wont stick to it at all, I have scruffed it up with sandpaper, and I hope the paint will stick now. Back to the generals, I have now to get and make more "haloween armor" versions of gauntlets, ammo belt, rope belt, gloves, and an ESB cloak... and itll be fine for haloween. I will be making much better armor and gear outta sintra before my movie remaking in JUNE. Thank you to everyone who has pitched in thus far, giving me ideas, keeping my desire high, and generally getting knowledge to me so I know what the heck Iam doing. If anyone has some "cheap" gauntlets they can rush delivery to me, thatll save me a load of time, and Iam running out, I had the flu, and its hindered my ability to work and work on this costume. Thanks again.

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    Re: Custom suit needed to be made ASAP. .if you can....

    I would like to see some pics of this costume, to see what you got in such a short time frame. Congrats on getting even this far.

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