new fett armor

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    new fett armor


    I'm new to this site. And was wondering if anyone had a list and the places or materials I need to start a boba fett set.

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    Re: new fett armor

    The info is all here, you just need to read and research. There is no specific place or person to talk to, or go to. There are several helmet makers depending on your needs, and how much you want to spend. Same goes for the soft parts and armor.

    One good place to start your research is in this thread.
    Also get to know some of the abbreviations and acronyms that you will see, such as FP, Asok, BFUK, BM, MOW, RKD, BBF, and there are many others I am leaving out.

    BFUK=Bobby Fett UK
    MOW=Man of War Studios
    BBF= BooBooFett

    So I know I didn't give you an exact answer but I hope I helped point you toward the path.

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    Re: new fett armor

    If you want to pep the armor, firefek has some great .pdo files you could download... you'll need a pepakura viewer to use them, but you can download it free off the net. I don't know if firefek is a member on this site, but he has a thread on with all of his free star wars files in one spot. I am about to begin a bobba fett build using his files, for the 501st.

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