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    Dec 2, 2009, 10:30 AM - How do you make an EE-3 Blaster Carbine??? #1

    hey i was wondering if anyone out there has made an EE-3 Blaster Carbine made famous by Boba Fett. if so can you send me the tutorial, or give me a web adress that has a good in depth tutorial on it??? im really lookin for instructions that are good quality, as far as tools go i dont have any, but my pops has a wood shop with a wood lathe, drill press, router, band saw, table saw, power sanders, ect ect. and we have lots of spare wood (for building the stock). also if anyone has any good ref pic i can use because im having trouble fining any on google pics, and yahoo pics... also if anyone has already made one, itd be cool if i could get a glimpse at your work, just so i know what im competeing with lmao jp jp... but yeah btw im new to the forums so if this is in the wrong spot, dont anybody hesitate to put it in the right spot.. thanks and any advice/info is well appricitated...

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    Dec 2, 2009, 10:47 AM - Re: How do you make an EE-3 Blaster Carbine??? #2

    Here's a couple of suggestions to get you started...

    1. try the "search" function at the top of the page
    2. look in the Boba Fett armour section ( the top one of three ), any threads on his EE-3 should be in there
    3. do a search on this forum for Wizard of Flight templates. Alan made some drawings for the EE-3, specifically for the fin placement on the barrel of the Return of the Jedi version.

    If those searches still don't trun up the information that you're after... then you can ask around.
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    Dec 2, 2009, 10:57 AM - Re: How do you make an EE-3 Blaster Carbine??? #3

    cool thnx man!!! much obliged
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    Dec 7, 2009, 11:31 PM - Re: How do you make an EE-3 Blaster Carbine??? #4

    Get a full size toy or airsoft pistol (preferably a revolver), get a episode 2 or 3 anakin skywalker electronic lightsaber, a few small sheets of sintra, various assorted tools, primer, rub n buff, aluminum color paint, dark gray paint, plastic epoxy, caulk, a few sheets of reasonably thick wood, a saber saw (or if you cant afford one, a hand saw), a hairdryer, and a brain.

    Cut the lightsaber just at the blade emitter, and throw the blade emitter away, leaving you just a hollow shaft. put the revolver in the shaft, and stick in with plastic epoxy, fill gap with caulk, sand.

    take sheets of sintra, heat with a hair dryer on hot for about 5 minutes, to get it floppy, then curl into the shape of a cone, cut the tip off, leaving a hole. Glue to the end of the lightsaber opposite the gun, caulk and sand.

    cut out a boba fett stock template (found here: http://www.propaholics.wolfchasers.c...ev%20Ae121.gif) by printing it out and cutting it with scissors. outline it onto your sheet of wood, then cut it out with a saber saw or hand saw, then sand. measure the width of the end of the stock thumbhole branch things, then cut those size holes in the grip of the pistol. Stick it in there, fill with epoxy, let dry, cover with caulk, and sand.

    add a scope (however you want), some greeblies, then paint it however you want (there are a million weathering tutorials) and viola, you have yourself a passable EE-3. feel free to mess around with this recipe however you want, it's just a rough draft

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