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    Aug 14, 2014, 5:27 PM - Needing Advice/ Help #1

    Hey I'm looking to make my first set of mandalorian armor. The issue is the pvc armor pieces such as the chest and such. I was wondering how to do it. I know i can do all the painting and custom junk with design but the armor plating and the helmet seem really intimidating. So was wondering if y'all could give a newbie some tips or point me in the right direction. Or if I should buy the stuff because I've been really busy and don't know if I'd have the time because I would love to have it for the StarWars Celebration thing! Thanks!

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  3. Aug 14, 2014, 5:34 PM - Re: Needing Advice/ Help #2

    My armor is made out of sintra. Go to the mandalorian mercs and print off some templates according to your size/build and cut the pieces out. Transfer them to the material you want to use for your armor then cut and trim. You may want to invest in a heat gun to help better shape the armor. I'm sure if you ask mullreel he can help you out. He's gave me advice and knows pretty much anything there is about painting the armor.
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    Aug 14, 2014, 10:03 PM - Re: Needing Advice/ Help #3

    actually the templates are right here in this forum.

    And yes I do not mind helping out.........

    You can make the armor from PVC. It is a bit more work to mold and shape than sintra. I have made both. If you decide to try PVC then get a section of 10 inch pipe, trace on the template and cut it out with a jig saw or dremel. The PVC is more dense than sintra so it takes more effort to cut and shape.

    If you want to try sintra then you can either order it online or go by a local sign shop and see if you can buy or beg some from them. I like to use 6mm but you can get away with 3mm. Then do the same thing, trace the template and cut it out.

    Use a heat gun to shape the armor to fit.

    And the most important advice I can pass on is READ, READ, READ............knowledge is half the battle. There is great info here on the forum but sometimes you have to dig a bit and spend some time on it. Look through some WIP threads and you can find all kinds of great info.

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