1. Jul 9, 2014, 4:29 AM - How to attatch armor #1

    So I've been working on a jango and I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to attatch the leg armor. Right now I have nylon straps with those metal snaps holding them on. They go throught the flight suit via slits in the sides but these are really hard and time consuming to put on. Anyone have an easier method? I want to do something different for when I get a better flight suit.

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    Jul 9, 2014, 7:49 AM - Re: How to attatch armor #2

    I used 1" black elastic straps (instead of nylon) with female snaps on each side. I epoxied the male side of the snap inside each side of the armor (making sure not to let the epoxy overlap the snap contact points). Cut the elastic 1" short on each side so it will stretch a little to help hold them up. I also have velcro points inside the armor just to make sure they always hang at the right height and take some of the load bearing off the elastic. I've been trooping with this setup for 2 years without any problems at all. The only exception is my thigh armor which I have attached to my holster via a Chicago screw and that always hold them in place just fine.

    Also, they don't really take too long to put on and I can't think of any better way to attach them that is this stable and lightweight. I just have to do it in order:
    1) socks on
    2) legs through flight suit
    3) Boots on and snap flight suit onto top of boot.
    4) attach foot armor via snaps
    5) press shin armor in place on velcro, then feed shin armor elastic through sew holes and snap to other side of armor
    6) repeat the same for knee armor
    7) stand up and put the rest of the flight suit on and zip it up

    Edit: You can see this on page 3 of my WIP thread:
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  4. Jul 9, 2014, 2:06 PM - Re: How to attatch armor #3

    Cool thanks vultana! Yeah that's the order I put my kit on, but mine isn't as nice as yours of course. I'll use your thread for reference on my build since it seems to be the most detailed I've seen.

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