Armor Questions

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    Armor Questions

    Howdy again folks.

    Well, I've got my Seeker Ammo Belt, Cruzer Holsters, Reinone Boots, Bobamaker Chest//Collar//Shoulder//Flight Suit//Flak Vest on order. And I'm working on fixing up my old BKBT bucket.

    I'm looking for some pointers here on who I can get lower body armor (Everything from cod to boot armor) and a back plate from. Also, I could use a good set of gauntlets. I guess you could consider this a "request for run" hehe. I know I'm kinda large for most of the armor runs going on, I saw Cruzer's leg armor set and I'm hoping to get into that once a run hits. Anyhow...any pointers would be appreciated!! Thanks folks =)

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    Re: Armor Questions

    Cruzer has made some nice gauntlets and and guns.
    You would have to PM him when he his going to make another run.

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    Re: Armor Questions

    Ruffkin makes some bigger sized gauntlets. They're Boba, but can be modified with some work. MOW makes some nice Jango gauntlets also, but the right gauntlet has a more snug fit than mine.

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