Servo advice

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    Servo advice

    Hey guys
    Just after a bit of advice from you Mando's with remote control Rangefinder set-ups. I'm in the midst of making an ARC Clonetrooper and want to control the movements of the RF via a switch in my gauntlet.
    I've found what I think would be a suitable servo (small enough to fit in my helmet but powerful enough to lift the stalk and rangefinder) but seeing I know absolutely nothing about servo's (and the shop doesn't seem to be to much help) I thought I'd ask the experts
    Bear in mind I'm situated in New Zealand so getting a servo from this website will probably be my best bet.

    Cheers and thanks in advance!
    - Darth-Tuapawa

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    Re: Servo advice

    I servo'd my helmet up on this thread

    If you do a search on that type of servo on google - you will find some stores that stock it.

    I also have the links to the RF board and Servo control board to allow the remote keying of the servo.

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    Re: Servo advice

    Cheers for the info stonerook!
    I've think I've found a suitable servo for my set-up, so I may be in business soon

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