Mirrored visor help?

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    Mirrored visor help?

    Hey team.

    I am trying to find a mirrored visor to put into my helm instead of the black. Hell i'd even settle for an amber color like the NFL helmets have. Any ideas on where to find a mirrored visor? So it may look like my visor is a pair of wicked aviator shades lol.


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    Re: Mirrored visor help?

    motorcycle helmet lenses

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    Re: Mirrored visor help?

    Yep, motorcycle helmet visors...but they can be expensive.

    One alternative is to get a standard clear visor and put some reflective window tint on it....I've done it before and it works like a charm

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    Re: Mirrored visor help?

    you seek window tint. its cheap and easy and comes in a matallic mirrored amber color that underarmor makes for NFL helmets (which are illegal if they arent smoke or clear)

    but yea window tint

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