Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

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    Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    Greetings to all fellow Mando's and Star Wars fans. Huge Starwars fan and Most important Big Jango/Boba along with the Mandalorians Anyways I've been wanting to Make my own Helmet along with armor for a very long time, and I was wondering if I can get some help along everything, I do not have much Money to spend on a Master rep Helm, and I'm not that crafty with tools. but I am good at Building and Computering, I'm a Computer tech. My birthday is on the 30th and I've seen some people did a good job with Customizing the Hasbro Boba fett Helmet, Ive been wanting to get that but it bothered me very much how the visor was all messed up. but after researching and I've seen people fix it and make there own out if it.

    I would apperciate if I can get anyones help or a lot of help in the progress of this helmet. I'm willing to talk on Skype or on phone or Teamspeak what so ever to get voice help as well. and need a few ideas and all. Unfortunaly I do have to keep in mind I dont have a lot of money so I was thinking it might help/cheaper to get some supplies and the hasbro boba fett helmet to make the helm unless some one knows something cheaper to do.

    Now I have a few ideas when I finally make the helmet, I want to get that RC Car and mod it so I can make the Range launcher up and down. and put a Intercom inside using maybe a CB Radio input or what ever. and I was maybe thinking if its possible to put some Lighting on the side of the helmet for Night time. (Still thinking if I should or not)

    I do like to let everyone know That i've made a group back around 2005 or so. Of my own Tribe of Mandalorians Called "Mando Wolves" I had a backround PDF of the Story of the making but lost in transaction.. but I will be making it again. if anyone is interested.

    I might be new the fourm but I am not a little kid or new to Starwars. I might not be the nerdiest but I have the heart!

    (22 years old on September 30th! Anyones help would be a great gift towards me. even with supplies not to sound beggy.. lol..)

    Thank you and please Post ASAP if you can help.

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!


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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    Are you going to scratchbuild or modify the Hasbro?

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    Not sure, thats why im here, I need help to build it lol

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    Hey bud! Welcome to the board! This hobby can be expensive but educational. I would start small and learn. The hasbro mod might be the best place to start. That way you have frame and shape. I did a thread on changing the Boba helmet to a Jango and Dynamic1 repainted his son's helmet to be an accurate paintjob. This might be be best option for you and "get your feet wet".

    Here is a link to my thread:

    Here is a link to Dynamic1's thread:

    Just remember, search and if you can't find it, ask!

    Have fun!

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    Thanks very much, just incase is there a way might be able to walk me through it?

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    I was wondeirng if Anyone can Link me some of the Supplies I might need? I know Like Sand paper and Risen or synthetic resin and fiberglass but can some one link them to me for I know which one it is and Where I might be able to get them if its not to much ask. Maybe Lowes or Home depo. Amazon ect.. And I was wondering if I can also get a bit more help ><

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    Any hard were store will have what you need.
    though id sugest you try and find a helmet being sold on the cheap, there is always a few in the cargo hold, but you need to expect to pay around 120/200 for a cheap helmet

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    Yeah, I know they'll have what I need but Just not sure exactly what Supplies and what brand you know? and I rather build it so I can Learn and make more in the future.

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    I understand were you are coming from. I built my own because at the time I couldnt justiffy paying 150/250 for a casting of a helmet,, little did Iknow how much money id end up putting n to making my own , and if you like things to be accurate then you will end up remaking the helmet a dozen times b4 your happy,
    For me to make my own then make a mold then make afew casts it comes to around about (molds) 300 in sillicon 50 in gel coat, and each helmet is around 40/50 in matterials not to mention ther time that goes in to it,

    how ever, you can build a helmet using templates either rafflefetts or WOFs but RFare newer and more accurate, I used to make my helmets out of plastic paint pots 4 and 10 ltr white plastic type , and id use a batting hrelmet cut up andresized for the dome , all held togethert with hot glue,

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    Yeah, its very tough I bet, See I'm bidding on this hasbro Boba fett helmet right now actually if Im lucky on saturday Ill get it for 14.15$ So it would help me. and If I can figure out how to use all the supplies like the mold (which I dont know what its called to buy ) I can make it look nice. only thing that I cant figure out right now is what color ill go with. anyways I just need the supplies names and ill be happy

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    Re: Mandolorian Helmet concept and Help please!

    The mold is RTV sillicon but if you are not planning on reproducing it you dont need to worrie about it and seeing your after the Hasbro helmet , It looks as though you wont be, so no need to worrie about that, Imust have miss under stood you ,
    There are a few threeds were people have done up hasbro helmets , jkust look them up uysing the search feature

    Supplys you will need , Hasbro helm , foamex ( known sintra in the states) or any plastic card stock like a safty sign you get at hard were stores, a good glue either hot glue gun , or an epoxy glue , and some 2 part epoxy filler, (popular brand is bondo in the states)
    Sand paper 180 grit and Filling blades for the bondo, and a philli0ps head screwdriver for taking the helm apart,,

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