Wasnt sure where to put this since its a pre-sale thread. Its obviously not Fett, but it is a helmet, if this needs to be moved,please feel free to do so.

So im getting to the end of my 10 helmet run with the 501st, and have enough supplies left to do 3 more helmets and figured id offer them here first. After these 3 i will not be making these anymore. 3 slots only! Turn around time approx 6-8 weeks. $350 Paypal to Lou4130(at)gmail(dot)com Include what forum you are from, and your TDH username with payment to avoid confusion


This is a pic of 2 helmets from the 501st run. Left is ANH, Right,ESB. I am only offering ESB at this time. Helmets are full fiberglass...not resin! Dome attaches with magnets.This helmet is based off of a Don Post Classic action helmet i owned and modified. it is designed to be worn, but will also make a nice display of course. Comes with strap system, basic padding, curved lenses, machined aluminum tusks, and expanded metal chin/mouth mesh.