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    Jan 24, 2003, 1:45 PM - Hollow aluminum stalks? #1

    Is anyone out there using a hollow aluminum stalk for your range finder, for wires, etc? Where did you get it?

    I;ve looked at a couple hobby stores, but they just carry the brass ones, or they don't have the 'rectangular' aluminum ones.

    Is there someone on the list that sells these?

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    Jan 25, 2003, 1:17 AM - Re: Hollow aluminum stalks? #2

    Eric- I've also been looking for a hollowed-out aluminum stalk for months now, but to my knowledge this item does not currently exist as a ready-made product from anyone. Your best bet would probably be to contact either BKBT or RA. Both these members offer solid aluminum RF stalks, but it is possible to cut a channel in the aluminum (I've laid to rest quite a few of my Dremel cutting disks to do accomplish this! ) to accomodate any wiring that's running up to the rangefinder. After the wiring is in place, you can cover up the channel with aluminum tape. This is just an alternate suggestion in case you don't find the coveted hollowed-out stalk. THAT would be a GREAT find, indeed!
  4. Seven's Avatar
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    Jun 18, 2005, 4:21 PM - Re: Hollow aluminum stalks? #3

    I am also intersted in getting this done myself. I was thinking it was possible to get one of the RA stalks and drill a hole down the center of it. not sure how that would work to get it straight all the way down (drill press) and have a long enough bit to go all the way through. Maybe if RA or anyone else could make one and do a run, that would certainly be a huge help for those who go wire.
  5. TBone's Avatar
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    Jun 19, 2005, 9:23 PM - Re: Hollow aluminum stalks? #4

    Have you guys checked out You should be able find square aluminum tubing. I used to order quite a bit of stuff from them when I built sabers.
  6. Nekhar's Avatar
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    Jun 20, 2005, 3:10 AM - Re: Hollow aluminum stalks? #5$LimAcc

    What are the dimensions of the RF stalk (ie width and depth)???

    That link has a pretty good assortment of various square and rectangular aluminum tubing.

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