1. Dec 13, 2013, 2:00 AM - Help with my first (and hopefully inexpensive) helmet #1

    Hi gang, I'm new here, for a bit more about me look at this:

    So the long story short: I have a photo project to do starting in early January, and I need a decent but inexpensive Fett Helmet for it. As I mention in my introduction thread, I eventually intend on building a complete Fett suit, but for the moment I'm just looking for an entry level project to learn on. Currently my budget is tiny as hell (I'm currently also doing props for a low budget indie feature so a lot of my resources are going there), and given that it's just for a photo project I figure I'll use this as a chance to get some practice in on a throwaway helmet before I upgrade to something of reasonable quality.

    My plan has been to buy an inexpensive helmet and then do a good ESB paint job on it. To that end, I've come across this one:


    I guess my primary question is: would I be stupid to buy this? I know very little about Fett Helmets but this one seems to fit the bill for just a photoshoot scenario. Are there better options out there for what I'm looking to do? Any general advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dec 13, 2013, 4:15 AM - Re: Help with my first (and hopefully inexpensive) helmet #2

    You wouldn't be stupid for buying it. I think a lot of us started there, and it would be good practice. HOWEVER If you have the ability to make things yourself. You can make your own helmet with some of the amazing templates that are available here. You could make the helmet and armor out of sintra, they won't be that durable, but you can make a nice suit with those options. And also consider that if your budget is that small, doing a "practice" run, is going to make your build that much more expensive. Personally, I would just invest in good stuff the first time around. I think Asok is doing a run of budget helmets. Take a look in the cargo hold.

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