1. Dec 13, 2013, 2:48 AM - Veteran prop builder new to the Fett props scene #1

    Hi new forum!

    New to the site, just saying hi mostly. I'm a veteran prop maker who's taken an interest in acquiring/building a Fett suit as a hobby. Here's some photos of things I've made in the past, mostly weapons and leather working. Here mostly to learn about and get tips on my own Fett project: going to start with a basic helmet (which I need for a photo project in January), then upgrade and build off that til I have a complete suit. If anyone has a suggestion on where I should start, I'd be delighted to hear it!

    Gunsmithing and Bladesmithing:

    A couple custom revolvers I built on Ruger single action platforms:

    A knife I made when I learned blacksmithing:

    A cheap stainless kukri machete that I aged down and did decorative file work on, pictured with an ancient cleaver that I did nothing to whatsoever:

    Custom tanker style shoulder holster rig for the custom blackhawk:

    General Stuff:
    Post Apocalyptic car:

    Post apocalyptic charcoal grill:

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