Im a new member here on the forums, and really need some help :/

I'm scratchbuilding a ROTJ bucket and everything was going pretty well. I made the helmet just fine, and fiberglassed and bondo'ed it. I've come to the ears now, and already built them out of cardboard and bondo'ed them, but they're turning out to be a huge pain in the butt and not exactly what I want.
I was curious if anybody had any pointers on scratchbuilding ears/stalk/RF, or any good places or members to buy quality, CHEAP casts. I've managed to make it this far spending only $120 and my budget is extremely limited (being an unemployed 19 year-old). I'd like to have the option to add a remote servo and flashing LEDs in the future. Any help is really appreciated, thanks guys

PS Aluminum is most likely far out of my budget, and I'm wayyyyy over fiberglassing. xD Keep that in mind