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AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    I know I am fairly new here, but I am loving it! I did want to mention a cheap alternative! You can buy a couple sheets of posterboard, slap some spray adhesive between the two and use a rolling pin to create a thicker (structurally sound) board. They can be layered to your desired thickness this way! Plus they take a resin coat like a champ!

    Just my 2 Cents! Keep up the good work all of you!

    Ghostwalker said: View Post
    paper/poster board is too thin, it'll be really hard to make structurally sound.
    i got Mat Board from Michaels Arts and Craft, Studio Decor 24in x 36 in.
    plan on using 3 sheets for 2 buckets barring messups.
    you won't find it with the regular cardboard/craft paper/corrugated but rather with their picture/painting frames.

    edit: just double checked my Mat Boards thickness and it clocks in at 1.58 mm or 1/16 in.

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    saludaranger said: View Post
    I have been working on my build now for a god bit. It's taught me quite a bit about patience! I am working on my second cheek structure (molding and shaping) Anyway - I tried the drywall putty... i know! i know! I just used a very tiny bit to fill in my gaps. Its going to be fine. I will begin with bondo in a bit. i have reservations about it though. Cardboard and bondo... Bondo is so thick and sticky... I just hope its not too heavy and cumbersome for my little baby. PS This helmet fits me great.

    Here is another one with the recent cutouts and you can see the bit of drywall spackle - i plan on sanding as much off as possible - I will get brave and use the bondo.

    The cheeks are just sitting there getting the feel for their new home.
    Its funny - the pictures don't do it justice... i will continue working and post more pics soon. Thanks for all the assistance WOF and Antman - you compliment each other nicely.
    Friend, thank you for posting your work, served me as inspiration.
    The pictures above are no longer available. could consult?

    This should fix a post on the cover of the site! kkkk

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    This is amazing ! Im working on my own bucket. Im using the same exact templates that you use, but i lack experience. Hope my next attempt will result in something like this ! Im proud of you Ant Man ! Greetings from Argentina

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    Did you have any pictures of the finished product?
    I just have to say that your tutorial has been super helpful and you are amazing at this
    Thank you

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    Hey Antman!

    Are you gonna leave us hanging? What's happening? The tutorial has been brilliant! I've followed all the way and I'm just building the stalk. I've also found your first cardboard build but it wasn't as detailed, tutorial-wise as this. What happened? Did you finish it? Have I missed something? C'mon back and give us your wisdom and your pictures and advice!! Please!!

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    Sorry guys, I doubt he'll be back soon.

    Last Activity 04-12-2009 01:48 PM

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    Wow, nice build and work methodology, I also used the same templates for my McQuarrie concept helmet.
    - ziet er goed uit mooie bouwmethodiek, doet mij erg herinneren aan mijn maquettebouw lessen.

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    this is one of the greatest things i have ever seen! excellent job on the build. how did it end up?????

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    Hi Antman! Ive started my bucket yesterday.. I am following Your instructions, it is great! I hope it will look like yours
    But I found that my templates are a bit small, so I had to re-print them correctly, now they are fine

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    Re: AntMan's Second Cardboard Scratch Build

    Is there a proper tutorial to the templets you download on dented helmet cuz im stuck on the ears its aggravating how it doesn't explain on the templates what goes where

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