Another Cold cast Project

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    Another Cold cast Project

    I just finished the preliminary cold cast aluminum.
    It needs some fixing in a few "bubble" spots.

    Its my very first attempt at modeling, and casting so bear with the flaws.

    Ill post some of the pix as i go along.
    [edit] forgot to add what i did:
    Its cast in dragonskin boot mold.
    2gel layers aluminum dusted mold aluminum filled polyester resin.
    1 roto layer aluminum filled urethane smooth-cast roto.
    1 fiberglass cloth layer
    1 layer reinforcement polyester resin.

    Later i will dremel off the spikey bits on the inside and do 1 more layer of urethane roto and trim it up of course.
    Lining will probably be felt.
    Then on to the paint job.
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    Re: Another Cold cast Project

    Nice work. I'm not a million miles off my first casting attempt. Looks great. Hopefully I can do an equally good job.

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    Re: Another Cold cast Project

    I have cut off the skirting from the mold proccess and begun to address some "bubbles" around the base of it with bondo filler and such. I have also steel wooled it, and plan to start the masking of the silver parts tonight. Pics to follow.

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    Re: Another Cold cast Project

    Began Masking for the layered weathering for custom paintjob. Weathering will be close to ESB style. I am using liquid latex for masking the details.
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    Re: Another Cold cast Project

    Further work on the paintjob, i suppose this could be moved to the mandalorian section but what the hey, i DO also have a ESB paintup happening simul to this one, ill try to get some pics of it in its stages.

    Its still a WIP, and the lower cheeks plus back still havent been done as well as the earcap and RF.

    Then after all of that, ON to the finer details of the helm...
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    2010-05-23-18-37-12-jpg   2010-05-23-18-37-23-jpg   2010-05-23-18-37-34-jpg  

    2010-05-23-18-37-49-jpg   2010-05-23-18-37-59-jpg   2010-05-23-18-38-10-jpg  

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    Re: Another Cold cast Project

    Painted a little bit more and consequently was working on another CC pull...

    I still have more pics to post but hey.

    Painting on the custom still not done yet.

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    Re: Another Cold cast Project

    Did some more painting and attached the RF

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    Re: Another Cold cast Project

    Visor is installed and new pics coming soon.

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    Re: Another Cold cast Project


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