WWC 2009, Droid Hunt Art preview

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    WWC 2009, Droid Hunt Art preview

    I thought my Bounty Hunting Friends of TDH might appreciate this effort;

    C-3PX, IG-88, and HK-47 lend new meaning to the 501st's Droid Hunt.
    Illustration by Thomas Spanos, July 2009.

    The Droid Hunt is a convention game invented by the 501st Star Wars Imperial Costuming Community; At the start of a given convention, attendees are given Droid Hunt badges to wear. After a set period of tyme, costumed members of the 501st begin the "hunt." Upon locating an attendee with a badge, the costumed Imperial speaks the phrase "How long have you had these droids?" The attendee is then bade to surrender their badge. In exchange for the badge, the attendee is given a raffle ticket. At the end of the convention, raffle ticket holders convene on the 501st fan table to reclaim their badges and vie for a chance to win Star Wars related prizes.

    This illustration was conceived as an alternative interpretation of the theme Droid Hunt, (instead of the traditional helpless droids running from Imperials, I have chosen the fiercest droids in the Star Wars Universe. This Droid Hunting party is assembled in homage to Charlie's Angels. The placing of Gold, Silver, and Bronze was fortuitous coincidence.) Free hand pencil illustration, scanned and then coloured digitally in Photoshop CS2.

    Be well,

    (Click on banner to view my Wizard World 2008 costume gallery.)

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    Re: WWC 2009, Droid Hunt Art preview

    Very cool illustration Thomas

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    Re: WWC 2009, Droid Hunt Art preview

    Very nice, it looks great!

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    Re: WWC 2009, Droid Hunt Art preview

    Wow, that's an incredible piece of art. Very well done.

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    Re: WWC 2009, Droid Hunt Art preview

    That's cool... I love that!

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