Shae Vizla by Hasbro

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    Shae Vizla by Hasbro

    Just curious, sitting here in Austria / Europe and we usually get the new stuff pretty late ocer here, I was wondering if the fem-TOR-huntress action figure is already out yet ?

    Hunters all the only action figures I collect and I WANTED to include here into my collection as soon as I saw the first TOR trailer

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    Re: Shae Vizla by Hasbro

    depends on the market. Alot of Figures dont hit the european market.

    Recent Example. All Mandalorian Stuff based on "the clone Wars". The Deathwatchgrunts, Pre Vizsla, the Speederbike and the recent Transport-vehicle. Nothing of them hit the european Markets like other SW-Hasbro toys usally do (Except for the 'mandalorian Police officer' this guy is nearly in every shop). Of course some little traders got themselve a small amount of imported figures.... but well they get grabbed realy quick.

    But i guess Shae has a better chance to hit the shelves then the other vizsla ;-)

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    Re: Shae Vizla by Hasbro

    One has been found in New Zealand, so the wave has been released it is a matter of what stores have ordered and when I am waiting on tenterhooks for my own (I want two, one to customise to my in game armour which is quite different)

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