problems viewing photos

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    problems viewing photos

    Any one else having trouble viewing pictures ?
    I can't get anything lately..

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    Re: problems viewing photos

    i have had some issues with people viewing pics in my threads....???

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    Re: problems viewing photos

    Blame Microsoft -- specifically IE 8. No problems before I "upgraded" and installed it and now half the photos on here do not show up and there's no fix. Funny how everything is fine in Firefox.

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    Re: problems viewing photos

    I run FireFox in Windows XP,7 and Linux and had no problems.

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    Re: problems viewing photos

    It's an IE 8 thing.
    I upgraded to it from IE6, and get nothing but a red x on images, not all, but most.
    I downloaded Google Chrome, and don't have a problem with it.

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    Re: problems viewing photos

    Itīs about time to abandon this lame IE ... I īve heard rumors that Microsoft doesnīt include it in their Windows 7 package.
    For the first time there will be Windows without IE.

    And I hope they put the IE into the dustbin, because thatīs where it belongs.

    Webdesign is hell if it comes to put everything all right for users with IE ... itīs a shame that thereīs no standard for all browsers. They should have a look at Firefox 3 and its powerful features.


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