looking for a washington group

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    looking for a washington group

    I'm still pretty new here but i was wondering if there is a 501st or some other star wars group in the western Washington area?

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    Re: looking for a washington group

    Yeah man, totally. I know I'm in WA, Crixler is, I know there's a 501st garrison here in WA, and I know of at least one Boba on here from the Seattle area.

    Oh, Crix doesn't post on the forums much though :P

    You planning on building a Boba?

    Anyway, enjoy TDH,


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    Re: looking for a washington group

    im looking into building a jodo costume but i vary new to all this and a bit worried i will screw it up... good to know im not alone in Washington though thanks

    nice suit btw ... you got alot of pics on your photo bucket .... is the chest armor from a reference that im not familiar with?

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    Re: looking for a washington group

    Thanks for the comments dude, and the Jodo sounds like it'll be sweet when completed.

    Yeah, I have a lot of pics, and the chest armor (which quite a few people call "scales") are of my own design.

    As to being new and nervous, that's why I started with a custom Mando, so that I could take a step into the costuming world and learn some techniques that will help me build a Boba Fett costume once I feel I am ready.

    Good luck with the Jodo build,


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    Re: looking for a washington group

    You seek Garrison Titan. I am in Garrison Titan ( East) but there are a few of us around.

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    Re: looking for a washington group

    garrison Titan ... so thats what western Washington's is called then? ok well i think i need to get my costume done first... i just started it today and i will have helmet pics pending wof ?'s i have on another thread... might get the first pics up tonight

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