Karma thread dead?

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    Karma thread dead?

    Ok so whats the general consesous on weather to keep the kamma thread going ,
    I have been the last person to receive some thing from it so Im up ,, I have no problem with this at all,
    infact last time I was up I gave away a helmet , and I felt sorry for the people that didnt win so I ended up giving away 3 helmets , so Im totaly wiling to do my part, but lately the thread has died and ,, wewll it isnt what it once was there is only ever 1 or 2 to people in it and for the last few goes it been the same people,

    So id like to hear what peoples opinions are, should it stay open ?
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    Re: Kama thread dead?

    Any one?

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    Re: Kama thread dead?

    I think you mean Karma......as in reciprocity

    not Kama as in the half skirt thing that Captain Rex wears.

    I put in for the karma thread a few times but there is some things offered that I just don't need so I don't sign up for it. I would hate to see it die totally though.

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    Re: Kama thread dead?

    No I ment the ****ing thing the darn clones were,

    DEAD Im done!

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