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    May 1, 2008, 10:47 AM - EPIC Indy Toy Fail :( #1

    Anyone been finding Indiana Jones stuff today? Here's my tale so far. -

    "WWWWAAAA!!!!!! Went to a Super WM about 15 mins away this morning, walked around for a bit to find an employee, found one in housewares and asked for a Toy Dept. person. She said the main toy person wouldn't be in untill 1:00 today. She called the stand-in woman three times, she never came. She called a old man named Zeizel, who told her they wouldn't be out untill Saturday. (I first argued with her that May 1st starts at Midnight, and a release date for may 1st midnight means April 30th/May1st.) I then walked to the end of the isle where he ended up walking by me. He asked me if I was Indiana Jones person, I told him yes, and that the release date was the first of May, and that I was glad I didn't come at Midnight. He told me they had them, but he "had way to much stuff out to release them." And that they would be out Friday. (What happened to Saturday old man?)

    Left that WM and called my local WM. The lady told me her boxes said May 5th, and she wouldn't put them out either way until then, because of the Toy reset for Iron Man and Hulk. I went anyway, and made the sporting goods page the old woman anyway. She came and stood at one end of the isle, while I stayed at the other end, and yelled at me on what I wanted. She told me the same thing, but the only reason I had her called was to mess with her either way.

    Called Carlyle WM, and asked if they had any Indy toys, its to far away to go anywhere this morning anyway, but I got the answer of "Uuuuuuuu, ummmm....Ya, we got a couple."

    Called MT Vernon WM and got into an argument on the release date. I said the release date was May 1st, the lady literaly shouted "NO, its the 9th!"

    Called Fairfeild WM, and the lady said "How'd you know!? I was putting them out right now!" which is an hour and half drive away.

    Called OFallon Target, and they also had them, but again, and hour or so away, and price is also a wee bit more than WM.

    But oy, Wal-Mart employees....Of corse I relise calling isn't the best to find out what a WM has, but still, I can't go an hour away this morning "

    So much for cherry pickin' 'em today.
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    May 1, 2008, 10:53 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Toy Fail :( #2

    I picked up some of the Indy toys from Target yesterday afternoon. They were sold out of a bunch though. Wal-Mart denied me twice last weekend on indy/hulk stuff.
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    May 1, 2008, 12:32 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Toy Fail :( #3

    I got stuff 2 weeks ago from Toys R Us. I got the Truck, Indy with Idol "Trap" and a couple of figures (german soldier and another version of Indy.) I went back last week and had figures litterally rip out of my hands by the manager telling me that I can't have them until May 1.

    This morning I hit a Wal-Mart on the way into the office and got the German Soldiers 2-pack as well as Indy with the Ark, Rene Belloq and the Cairo Swordsman. Not a bad haul so far. Hope to find more during my lunch break.
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    May 1, 2008, 12:46 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #4

    I went to Wally World this morning and found nothng.

    I then spoke to the manager of the dept. and she told me of the new reset/mod.

    It takes effect next week.

    She also told me that Indiana Jones wasn't even on the new mod....


    Stupid walmart.
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    May 1, 2008, 3:23 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #5

    there are bunches of them at our walmart and target already lol

    in fact there have been Indy toys at the walmart a few blocks away for two weeks. 12In figures, talking figures (which by the way is feaking creapy) small figures... etc.

    which ones are you looking for?
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    May 2, 2008, 9:24 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #6

    "Myindyadventure" continues. I decided after work (6:00) I'd go out on a tresure hunt of my own. I called a couple other WMs, and decided my best bet would be OFallon/Fairveiw Heights. I grabbed some of those $5 of $25 Target coupons, and left at about 6:15, got at OFallon Target at about 7:20, went back to find they had 8 pegs, with 2-3 figures on each, no KOTCS stuff at all. So I picked up 2X germans, Indy W/ Idol, 2X Deluxe Germans, Marion W/ Henchman, and the two Vehicles. Used 3 $5 off coupons, so I saved $15, although I paid an extra dollar for each basic figure.

    The next nearest place from Target is OFallon WM, so I hit there next, which on the phone said they had stuff. Guess what? Nothing. Talked to the guy over toys, and he said they would wait for the reset, although Dark Knight/Hulk stuff. So I left there shortly after.

    Next was Fairveiw Heights TRU, which I hadn't called, but aside from it, I only had K-Mart left, so why not? Went in, gasped at the gigantic Speed Racer display a couple times, and then noticed a small 2 foot area where the Indy stuff was on the opposite isle where all the new releases go. There, I picked up RPG Indy, Skull Indy, basic Russian, Colonel Dovchekno, German on Motorcycle, and Indy on horse (For the horse..of corse.).

    So the only thing I still had on the list to get was Irina, I didn't have any plans to pay $9.99 for a basic figure at K-Mart, so I decided to leave early and go back home. On the way back I relised Carlyle WM said they might of had some stuff, so I dropped by there, and sure enough.........They had stuff! I couldn't beleive it! The only WM that had stuff was this one. They had 4 full pegs of them, so I picked up the *only* Irina from there.

    One thing that bothers me is the lack of vehicles, I couldn't beleive there where only one of each per each store. I figured they'd at least have two of each.

    End result -

    P.S. - Horrible paint apps.

    WM has officialy dropped the ball. The ball then rolled under the couch, out the other side, and into an air vent, never to be seen again.
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    May 2, 2008, 10:47 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #7

    I managed to find a few figures yesterday. I had to go to Target. It's a 40 minute drive.

    I stopped at every Wal-Mart and K-Mart on the way and nothing but blank looks on employees' faces.

    When I got to Target, they were VERY picked-over.

    I bought all they had left, which was;

    The German Jeep

    Indy with the Ark two-pack

    German troopers two-pack

    and the Ciaro Swordsman.

    Thats it. That's all they had.

    I'm not happy with Wal-Mart either.
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    May 2, 2008, 12:26 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #8

    Stopped off at Target on the way home last night and got the German on the Motorcycle, Sallah, Indy with fertility Idol, and Indy with Rocket Launcher. I did see two of the 12" figures, but passed (Mutt and Cairo Swordsman) as well as the "whip" toy. I don't know about you all, but I forsee a lawsuit with that one.
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    May 2, 2008, 11:18 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #9

    Is the Ark very cool? I thought about getting him next, but I'm sorta on the fence with it.

    I was asked to reveiw them sence hardly anyone localy could find them, so here it is typed up, I'll make the images links so the old time PC's can still operate.

    "Indiana Jones Basic German Soldier and Deluxe German Soldier 2-Pack
    BIOS -
    "This soldier served under the command of Colonel Dietrich, the German officer tasked to supervise René Belloq and the excavation of the Ark of the Covenant. Like his highly-disciplined comrades, this soldier spent long hours in the blistering Egyptian heat, obeying his leaders and seeking glory for his country."

    "When René Belloq discovers Indy and Sallah digging into the Well of Souls, he leads a group of German soldiers to the site, eager to claim for himself the excavated Ark. The soldiers hold Sallah and Indy’s crew at gunpoint while Belloq and Toht make off with the prize, leaving Indy and Marion trapped inside a pit of deadly snakes"
    PRICE - $6.49 - $7.49 (WM/TRU to Target)
    Picked up - 2X each
    POA - 14
    Basic Figure Accessory - MP40 and Crate W/Sankara Stone
    Deluxe Figure Accessory - MP40 X2 , one has stock folded out.)

    I purchased two Basic Germans and two Two packs of Germans, giving me the force of six nazis in total. I had wondered what the diffrence between the basic Germans, and the Deluxe german would be, and upon seeing them, there aren't very many. The main diffrence, is that one is in green uniform, and the other two are in khaki. The basic German in khaki has a large brown pouch on his belt, brown hair, and black eyes. The Deluxe German in khaki has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a green pouch on the back of his belt, instead of brown. The green clothed german from the deluxe set also has a green pouch on his belt's rear, and also has brown hair, and black eyes.

    One thing I noticed, enspecialy on the Germans, are their paint apps. The uniforms are done fairly well, but their eyes are all crazy. It appears that they've been constipated for some time. Two of mine's "boot" joints are also fairly loose, where as the other four have fairly tight joints overall. Each's hat is sculpted onto their heads, and are not removable. Overall, I'll give them a 8.5 out of 10. Their paint apps should of been better for sure, but if you can, just look through the pegs and compare them to one another. It won't take long, and can be very helpfull. I purchased two basic Germans, and sence they cost aprox. $7, it would be wiser to purchase a Deluxe pair for an additional $3. Although the Basic German comes with a crate and Sankara Stone.
    Odd man out -
    Front -
    Back -
    Setting in the Troop Car -
    "Ooga Booga!" -


    Deluxe German On MotorCycle -

    BIO - "Speeding full force on his army-issued motorcycle, this soldier chases down Indy and his father, Henry Jones, as they attempt to escape from a German intelligence base located just outside of Salzburg. Aided by his knowledge of the terrain, the soldier intercepts Indy at a German-border checkpoint. Indy then sends him careening from his bike, using an Austrian flagpole as his weapon."
    PRICE - $9.99
    Picked Up - 1X (Would consider another)
    POA - 14
    Accessories - Slinged MP40, Luger Pistol, and helmet.

    I knew I would like this Deluxe figure right off the bat. The figure's helmet is removable, and not gigantic like SW figures's usualy are. The bike is a wonderfull sculpt, has a wonderfull paint job, and shows weathering on the bottom. The figure's sidearm can be holstered in his gigantic holster. Currently, this is the only figure with a Luger pistol included. The bike can set up on its own without assistance, but may requre multiple attempts to do so. Mine stands just fine most of the time. If all else fails, use the kickstand on the bottom of the bike. (Just found that out!)

    The figure's kama is made of cloth, much like the Snowtroopers. Its one of the best cloth and plastic combination figures I've ever seen, and is one of the best figures in the lines to me. The paint apps on the uniform are wonderfull, and I can honestly say I enjoy this figure the most out of all the basic and deluxe figures. The bike itself has a large hole on one side of it, perhaps for an originaly planned side cart, or upcomming deluxe accessory. (Rerelease perhaps?)

    Bike W/ Rider -
    Front -
    Front with pistol and without helmet -
    Back -
    Gigantic hole -

    ================================================== =====
    //////////KOTCS Figur Reveiws, beware of KOTCS SPOILERS!!!!!!\\\\\\\\\\

    Indiana Jones Basic Russian Soldier

    BIO - "Serving under Colonel Dovchenko, these Russian commandos were hand-picked for their combat experience and unswerving dedication to the Soviet Union. From the Nevada desert to the jungles of Peru, these veteran soldiers stop at nothing to achieve their goals."
    PRICE - $6.49 - $7.49 (WM/TRU to Target)
    Picked Up - 1X (Would consider more depending on KOTCS)
    POA - 14
    Accessories - AK-47 W/Wooden Stock and Crate

    I could only find one of each of these at each store I went to yesterday, and both had wondeful paint apps. They're a wee bit shorter than their counter part, the basic German, but I still think its a wonderfull figure to have. I will wait for KOTCS to come out to see if I'd like to have any more, but if it comes to that, I'd do so in a heart beat. The guy comes with a AK-47, this weapon, unlike the Colonel's AK-47 has a fixed wooden stock, and bayonet. Like the Basic German, his hat isn't removable but his paint applications are alot better. I like this figure a fair ammount, I'll give it a 9/10. :thumbup:

    Front -
    Back -
    Comparison -
    Indiana Jones Basic Colonel Dovchekno -

    BIO - A battle-hardened career soldier, the imposing Dovchenko has ruthlessly enforced the Soviet regimen in countless battles around the globe. His devotion to the Soviet cause combined with his reputation for brutality make him the perfect choice to lead the Russian commando team searching for the Crystal Skull.
    PRICE - $6.49 - $7.49 (WM/TRU to Target)
    Picked Up - 1X
    POA - 14
    Accessories - AK-47 (WO/Stock), pistol sidearm, and Crate.

    I also like this figure, as much, or more than the Basic Russian Soldier. Enspecial his big command hat. Who dosen't like big hats? My only complain would be that his neck peg sticks out at an angle, and gives him the appearence of being a "hunchback" or something. The actor may be built like that, I'm not for sure. It looks odd looking at the figure's side profile either way.

    Like his comrade, he to comes with an AK-47, but the Colonel's rifle doesn't feature a fixed stock. He also comes with a pistol sidearm, which is shared between this figure, and the Irina Spalko figure. I like this figure, its paint apps are perfect. 9/10.
    Front -
    Back -
    Comparison -
    Indiana Jones Basic Irina Spalko -
    BIO - As the Soviet Union’s foremost expert on psychic powers, Spalko’s understanding of the untapped potential of the human mind is matched only by her skill with a sword. Beautiful, cunning and ruthless, Spalko leads a secret force of Russian commandos on a mission to find the Crystal Skull and harness its power in order to achieve Soviet domination.
    PRICE - $6.49 - $7.49 (WM/TRU to Target)
    Picked Up - 1X
    POA - 14
    Accessories - Sword, pistol, and crate

    First of all, I hafe to get this out of my system. Cross dressing Spock, cross dressing Spock, cross dressing Spock, cross dressing Spock. I can't decide if I think I like this figure/character very much or not. She comes with a Sword, like Mutt's, and also a pistol. Her sword dosen't fit in the sheath, nor does the pistol fit in the holster, which is fine by me. I'll rate it a 8/10 because I don't think I like the character very much.
    Front -
    Back -
    Close up -
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    May 3, 2008, 12:21 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #10

    Personally, I like the Ark Accessory! Matter of fact, I am thinking about filling it with sand and making a small diorama of Belloq standing before it with the German soldiers in front of it watching. The top does come off (at least on mine) and it is prety cool. Beisdes, you get Indy in his "egyptian digger" gear.

    I picked up 3 more today: Colonel Dovchekno, Irina Spalko and Indy with "whipping" action. The whipping action is a classic "gimmick" squeeze Indy's legs and he "snaps" his whip. His pistol does fit in the holster, but the holster is a bit larger than usual and as a result makes for a bit of difficulty in making him "whip" things with out him getting stuck on the holster.
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    May 3, 2008, 2:09 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #11

    Hmmmmm, kind of interesting that with the new movie coming out, their marketing the first installment of the franchise, pimping a "PRE-GEEZER" Harrison Ford mug shot!
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    May 3, 2008, 9:17 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #12

    No toys. But there was trailer for Indy 4 before Iron Man. And in my opinion, I think it gives WAY too much away. I hope this isn't the case.
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    May 3, 2008, 9:31 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #13

    Quote WannaBeBoba said: View Post
    Personally, I like the Ark Accessory! Matter of fact, I am thinking about filling it with sand and making a small diorama of Belloq standing before it with the German soldiers in front of it watching. The top does come off (at least on mine) and it is prety cool. Beisdes, you get Indy in his "egyptian digger" gear.

    I picked up 3 more today: Colonel Dovchekno, Irina Spalko and Indy with "whipping" action. The whipping action is a classic "gimmick" squeeze Indy's legs and he "snaps" his whip. His pistol does fit in the holster, but the holster is a bit larger than usual and as a result makes for a bit of difficulty in making him "whip" things with out him getting stuck on the holster.
    Glad to hear the lid is removable, I might hafe to get it now! (I bought the Indy W/horse for the horse, why not the Indy W/ark for the Ark.

    Ya, thats the reason I didn't pick up the action feature Indy. I knew the articulation was horrible, because it has the whipping feature. I hate action features.
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    May 3, 2008, 8:03 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #14

    Reviewed the 3 Indy's I have. -

    Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones W/Idol
    BIO - "Guided by two thieves into the dark jungles of Peru, Indiana Jones recovered the golden fertility idol by solving the deadly riddles of an ancient, Chachaoyan temple. After recovering the relic, Jones was cheated twice of his prize: first briefly by his guide, Satipo, who soon met his death in the temple, and second permanently by his long-time rival and nemesis, French-archaeologist Renee Belloq."
    PRICE - $6.49-$7.49 (WM/TRU to Target)
    Picked Up - 1X
    POA - 14
    Accessories - Pistol, 2X Whips (One for belt),Fertility Idol, Satchel, Chachapoyan Temple Carving in Crate

    I was on the fence myself on what Indy figures I wanted, of Indy himself, and I finaly came to the sence, that this may never happen again, so don't skimp on what you want. So I bought a a Raiders Indy. I knew I didn't want the action feature Indy for certain, but sence the other two Indiana Jones figures used nearly the same parts, would I realy want another?

    The answer was yes. I want lots. This Indy figure is based on Raiders of the Lost Ark, and features a gigantic holster, a lazy eye, and a purse. The paint apps on almost all of them, including mine, weren't very good. On the face that is. I didn't notice very many outfit errors, but man, all the faces where preety messed up, and looked like Indy may have been dropped as a baby. (I have no room to speak.)

    Indy came with load of cool stuff, the Idol (Hence Idol Indy...Get it? Not American Idol...), two whips, one that fits nicly on Indiana's belt loop for it and the other to beat the bad guys with. He came with his pistol that fits in his gigantic holster, his satchel, and the secret Chachapoyan (Yes, I wrote that one down) Temply Carving in the secret crate. (Which it turns out I love.)

    Aside from his gigantic holster, the usual horrible paint apps., and the fact that his hat dosen't come off, the figure is preety much what you would expect. I think it would be better as a "play" figure, as apose to a deffinite version. 7/10 (Paint apps. killed it.) -

    ////////// KOTCS SPOILERS AHEAD! \\\\\\\\\\
    Indiana Jones - KOTCS Indinana Jones
    BIO - "In this quest to uncover the secrets of the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones races against the evil Irina Spalko. With the help of the young and rebellious Mutt Williams, Indy destroys much of the Russian forces and takes the rest on a deadly chase through the Peruvian jungle, leading to a final confrontation at the Lost Temple of Akator."
    PRICE - $6.49 - $7.49 (WM/TRU to Target)
    Picked Up - 1X (Would consider another)
    POA - 14
    Accessories - Pistol, hat, satchel, whip, alt. left hand, Eye of the Peacock Diamon in crate

    The KOTCS Indiana Jones is ALOT like the Raiders Jones, but the main things with this one are, his hat is removable, his holster is correctly scaled and non-working, and he's older. He only comes with one whip, one that has a smalled handle than the Raiders Indiana, but still has the clasp for a whip to be on his belt. He uses the same legs as both RPG Indy and Raiders Indy, but I'm not complaining about it.

    He also comes with an alternative left hand, one that hold the (A) Crystal Skull, and one that is in the "grip" position. I realy liked this figure. As I called the Raiders Indy more of a "play" figure, I would think this one is more of a "collectors" figure. I like both don't get me wrong, but I prefer this one to the Raiders version. 9/10 (No coiled whip!?!?) -

    Indiana Jones - KOTCS RPG Indiana Jones WO/ Jacket
    BIO (SPOILER!!!) - "Kidnapped by Russian agents, Indy is taken to Hanger 51, the U.S. government’s top-secret military installation, where he is forced to help search for a mysterious artifact that can unleash incredible psychic powers. But using his whip and his wits, Indy fights his way to freedom, determined to keep the mysterious artifact out of Soviet hands."
    PRICE - $6.49 - $7.49 (WM/TRU to Target)
    Picked Up - 1X (May pick up another for a head swap)
    POA - 12 (Two less than the other two Indiana Jones figures above)
    Accessories - RPG, coiled whip, satchel, The Dagger of Atreus in crate

    This Indiana Jones figure is the only basic figure out right now that feature Indiana in his white shirt, without his usual jacket. He dosen't come with his usual pistol, nor his usual "action" whip, but a coiled one instead. He dosen't even come with his hat. He does however come with a RPG, and 2 less POA's than the other two Jones's. His hands are in the fixed RPG position, which I don't realy like. I however realy prefer this one's paint apps/face sculpt. I think it looks the best out of all of them, and I wouldn't mind taking and trying to add this ones head to one of the others.

    I'm going to give this one a 7/10 as well, he doesn't come with his stuff! I wish we could of at least got an extra hat incase I wanted him to be able to wear it once in a while. No pistol and no whip either. Thats bad Hasbro, very bad. -


    I also purchased a Deluxe Indy and Deluxe Marion, which I will reveiw tomorro. I took pics. of the Indy on horse, but none of Marion and the Henchman, I don't want to bog down this post anymore than I already have with those pics. Although here is a final comparison between, Deluxe Indy from the horse(Big crotch Indy), Raiders Indy, KOTCS Indy, and KOTCS RPG Indy. -


    EDIT - By special request, the crates, and their artifacts -
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    May 3, 2008, 8:10 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #15

    Indiana Jones Troop Car -
    BIO - "As part of a German-army convoy heading out of Egypt, a staff car of armed soldiers guards the cargo truck that harbors the stolen Ark. When Indy hijacks the truck and the Ark within, the staff car trails him closely, menacing him with heavy fire. Indy retaliates by ramming the staff car off of the road, careening the soldiers off of a cliff and into a deep ravine. "
    PRICE - $19.95
    Picked Up - 1X (I want more)
    Accessories - Breakable barricade, 3X Barrels, fold out diorama, and one large crate.

    I knew I wanted the vehicles realy bad when I first found out about them. I meen, Indy vehicles are awsome, and I couldn't wait for them. The Troop Car was second on my "Must Buy Indy List of Doom", and sadly, I found that evryone store only got one of each. So if your still on the fence about either of them, obey your soul, and purchase them, no matter what your wife says. :thumbup:

    The Troop Car comes with a barricade your vehicle can smash through, or three barrels it can.....smash through as well. The barricade comes in two part, which attach to each other with a single peg about 2/3 the way down, giving the barricade an uneven "split". It also has an over sizes firing MG34, which I promptly through in the box, and replaced with a SW Stormtrooper MG34. Its better scaled, although it dosen't come from the line, and dosen't feature the magazine.

    The trailer hitch moves a small seperate platform in the back gunner's area that makes the figure that is manning the gun look like he's either moving back and forth, or making fun of the car behind his. The charis can seat 2 guys each, and the peg holes on the running boards allow an extra 4 figure ride outside the car itself, letting this peice O'plastic carry 9 figures in all, if you don't put anyone aside from a gunner in the very back.

    I realy like it no matter what anyone says, and I'm going to give it a 9/10, the only thing I didn't like about it was the MG34, because of its gigantic size (Due to the firing "thing"). Even when I was smaller I never liked those things on my stuff, and prefered my imagination over anything that was "firing".

    Troop Car -
    Front -
    Back -
    Accessories -
    Manned -

    Indiana Jones Cargo Truck -
    BIO - "Leaping from horseback, Indy hijacks this cargo truck as the Germans attempt to transport the Ark out of Egypt. While driving, Indy defeats several German soldiers onboard, but is eventually shot and ejected through the windshield. He clutches onto the truck’s grill, but as the bars break away, they push him under the chassis. Using his whip to stay connected, Indy is dragged along coarse terrain at lethal speed. Still, he manages to pull himself back onboard and regain control of the cab, ultimately regaining the Ark and escaping an Egyptian marketplace"
    PRICE - $19.95
    Accessories - Removable canopy, fold out diorama, and one large crate

    This is what I had been waiting for forever! This was on the very top of my list sence I was little, be it Indiana Jones brand or not, for what ever reason, I've ALWAYS wanted a Cargo Truck of somesort. I first found out about the vintage one shortly after becoming an interneter, and had hoped for one sence them. I never did buy one, but man, did all that anticipation after all these years pay off. This is hands down my favorite item I've bought in the past few years. (Excuse my school girl act there....)

    The Cargo Truck dosen't come with any fancy firing missles, or some transforming flatbed into a gigantic robotic duck or anything, its simply a peice of awsomeness. Its very plain, I don't think a regular child would enjoy it very much (having never been regular myself). Both doors open, and two figures can fit into the cab. The front grill drops when you press the hood ornament, and a permantly attached (Hello scissors!) Indy whip comes out the back, and can me moved around with the trailer hitch. The whip can me spooled up by moving the back when in a backwards motion. The top canopy can come off, and has two hand grips on each side for the Nazis to climb on. (Nice Hasbro!)

    I REALY loved this item. I can't stand it actualy, how much I like it. Its so plain, yet so awsome. Its what I had been waiting for for many years. 10/10.

    Cargo Truck -
    Front -
    Front With Grill Down -
    Back W/ Crate -
    Back W/ Whip -
    Germans -
    Indy -
    Indy Taking Aim -
    Crate that comes with both vehicles -
    Size comparison -
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    May 3, 2008, 11:06 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #16

    Heh, I guess I'm gonna have to bug my mum into getting me a couple of figures... but she's mad at me... and I owe her money... guess I'll ask my dad I think I may get two of each, so to save some for my collection and the others to open and enjoy.
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    May 3, 2008, 11:20 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #17

    Found the 12" talking Indy today. Not a bad looking "doll." Says 11 phrases from all 3 films. Pretty interesting. Comes with 2 whips, pistol and the fertility idol.
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    May 4, 2008, 12:01 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #18

    havent seen anyone mention the character with the skull face, is this figure really hard to find, if so I know where to get one
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    May 4, 2008, 11:36 AM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #19

    Quote WannaBeBoba said: View Post
    Not a bad looking "doll."


    Here's my last reveiw of what I have right now. Just meens I need to find somewhere that has them, and buy more, MORE I SAY!!!!! -

    Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones W/ Horse
    BIO - "Desperate to catch up with a German convoy smuggling the ark out of Egypt, Indiana Jones steals this horse from the Tanis excavation site. Taking a shortcut through the desert sand dunes, he spurs the horse into a fast gallop. He gains on the convoy until he is so close, he is able to leap from his saddle onto a cargo truck, taking the German soldiers by surprise."
    PRICE - $9.99 -
    Picked Up - 1X (For the horse)
    Figure POA - 14
    Horse POA - 15
    Accessories - Coiled Whip, Satchel, and Pistol
    I picked this one up because, well, frankly, I wanted the horse out of it. I could care less about the Indiana Jones figure with it. They could of crammed it on a single card, which I would of prefered anyway. The horse is more articulated than the figure even! The horse beats Indy out by one point of articulation. He has 3 on each leg, his tail, his neck, and on his head. I didn't think it would be that articulated myself!
    My main complain would be that the horse is blue. For whatever reason, I don't like it. Just blue. Out of nowhere, a blue horse comes down to attack the German convoy. Ummmm, if I recall correctly, the horse was more white than blue in the movie. He was proboly meant to be grey, but mine's blue. Blue blue blue. One thing about it though, my horse is the only figure without a lazy eye, so I guess thats a bonus.
    The Indiana is exacty what you'd expect for a pack-in. He's of less quality than the regular carded figures, but still as articulated. This set would proboly make a preety good gift for someone that wants an Indy, but could use a little bit exta, like a blue horse. Jones comes with a coiled whip (Not pictured in my pics.), and his usual pistol. His hat isn't removable. This figure also has painted gloves, the only Indy figure with "gloves on" right now. He looks sorta odd when he's standing around because of his gigantic crotch. To me, it makes it look like hes preggers or something......
    Indiana Jones - Marion Ravenwood and Cairo Henchman
    BIO - "Betrayed by a duplicitous monkey, Marion finds danger on the busy streets of Cairo, where a German-paid henchman threatens her with a knife. Never one to shrink from a fight, Marion outruns and outwits her attacker, knocking him cold before hiding herself in a nearby laundry basket."
    PRICE - $9.99
    Picked Up - 1X
    Marion Ravenwood POA - 10
    Henchman POA - 8
    Evryone hates a duplicious monkey. Lets get that straight. They're the menace of the world.
    I picked this set up because I wanted a Marion figure, and I seriously think, sence I've only seen the figures once, and was to excited to check, that the basic figure is the same as this deluxe one. She dosen't have any lower leg/foot articulation , and it makes for a realy hard time to get her to stand. I ended up using a SW stand to cut time. I couldn't get both figures to stand at the same time. I'd get Marion to stand, and then the Henchman would falldown,etc. Same with the Henchman, give him an upskirt and notice he dosen't have any lower leg/foot articulation, so its hard for him to stand as well.
    Marion comes with a sword, a frying pan, and a devious monkey. Its sword is the smaller of the two, and is preety cool. Mine's paint apps are preety awsome too. I couldn't beleive how good there where realy. The monkey is preety cool too. Hes sculpted to set on a shoulder, and has little wee vest for his crazy self. The frying pan is preety awsome to for a frying pan.
    The Henchman won't stand at all for me. He comes with a sword, and a realy weird grabbing right hand. He's preety cool to have if you've got the other robed figures, which I may end up hafing to buy. I realy like them more than I expected I would. Of corse they're of less quality than the basic figures, but still, when basic figures are just shy of being at a deluxe price point, I'm not going to complain about it. -
    (Of corse I mistook this as an action feature) -
    "I feel preety!" -
    And of corse, then you've got your devious, crazy, opium addicted monkey thats the true villian of evry movie ever made. -
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    May 4, 2008, 12:14 PM - Re: EPIC Indy Fail :( #20

    Quote TK-Fett said: View Post
    havent seen anyone mention the character with the skull face, is this figure really hard to find, if so I know where to get one
    The Cemetery Warrior.... found him yesterday.. wasn't all that impressed, just as I wasn't impressed with the Mutt Williams figures. I'm sure I'll get them eventually, but they don't jump out at me screaming "buy me!" For me, it's all about 'the man in the hat'. I'm looking forward to the future waves of TOD and LC... I'm really looking forward to geting Henry Jones, Sr.
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