Does anyone know this guy? RPF? Regarding HIC Panels

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    Does anyone know this guy? RPF? Regarding HIC Panels

    I saw this guy on the Yahoo HIC builders club and he is selling some decent side panels for $125.00. I don't really know him but he references the RPF. Anyone know anything about him? I would hate to get burned.

    Here is the email.

    http://therpf. com/showthread. php?t=41359

    Please view here..these are great affordable side panels. Not 100% accurate but a huge upgrade to an IC han in carbonite or to build your own..check out my friend Hankey01's panel's that he did up. please email me at drista666@yahoo. com if you're interested. Please allow 8 weeks for delivery.

    I will take 6 more orders to make it an even run of 15...but you MUST specify that you are from the builders club to get in on the extra 6 sets.

    Daniel Dristiliaris


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    Re: Does anyone know this guy? RPF? Regarding HIC Panels

    Don't know him, but his been a member there since 2002

    Check his post for satisfied customers or do searches on his user name people thanking him maybe

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