365 days of Stormtroopers

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    365 days of Stormtroopers

    I don't know if anybody has seen this already but there was a feature on this in today's issue of Metro (the free newspaper we get on public transport in the UK). This awesome French guy has basically taken a photo of his 2 Stormtrooper figures in some pretty funny situations every day for the past year and I figured I'd share it on here because it's **** awesome



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    Re: 365 days of Stormtroopers

    That's a long slideshow to sit through but very worth it!

    Nice find.

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    Re: 365 days of Stormtroopers

    Hey, If you haven't seen this lately check out the URL. He did 52 weeks with the Fetts! You'll. laugh your back plate off looking at these!
    52 weeks with the Fetts - a set on Flickr

    Very creative funny photo art with action figures!

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    Re: 365 days of Stormtroopers

    is there anyway to download them all? They'd make a great screensaver

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    Re: 365 days of Stormtroopers

    You can download them but they're only small sizes AWESOME set of pics!

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