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    Feb 17, 2012, 8:41 PM - Re: Velcro VS. Snaps #26

    Hey Redkraytdragon! What brand of earth magnet would you recomend (I really like you method. It looks sturdy from the pics and doesn't require modification to the vest.)? Also, would the earth magnets affect the LED display (if one were to have that in their costume) in the breast plate?

    PS. How durable would you say the magnet attachment method is? good for just walking around, or can you also get away with running or doing more physically taxing activities while trooping?
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    Feb 27, 2012, 8:22 AM - Re: Velcro VS. Snaps #27

    I am currently in the middle of attaching my armor, and I've gotta say... the snaps are turning out great. They're very sturdy, strong, and they are capable of pulling the armor in pretty tight. I'm using Dritz 5/8" heavy duty snaps on 3mm Sintra. To pull the armor in close, I sanded out a recessed area (about halfway thru the Sintra) for each snap, then filled it with JB Weld. Pressed the snap into the weld and sanded out any areas around it.

    The collar was a pain to line up, but the shoulders and chest pieces have been fairly easy. Highly recommend the recessed snaps (or bolts, they're pretty much the same IMHO after some testing on scrap)

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