Stupid jetpack question

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    Stupid jetpack question

    I know this is stupid. Oh, yeah, I do, but here I go, anyway . . .

    Is there more than one version of the rock tip on the jetpack?

    The way I match up the angles, it has always appeared to me there are three fins. I was 99% positive of this, but I see so many representations (and even replicas) with four fins, it's got me doubting myself. And I hate doubting myself

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    Re: Stupid jetpack question

    Looks like 3 to me too

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    Re: Stupid jetpack question

    That pick reminds me of how much I want spring loaded fins.

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    Re: Stupid jetpack question

    First off I'd say that there's no such thing as a stupid question,only a stupid answer

    The Supertrooper/PP1 pack that has the retractable fins has 3 fins without any question,the others I don't know.

    The retractable fin thing is something I want to do on my Supertrooper project.

    BTW your order is on its way Shelby,sorry for the mix up


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