SE side pouches?

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    SE side pouches?

    I am drawing toward the last few pieces to complete my costume. One of them is side pouches. My question is- what side pouches to use. Of course there is ESB and ROTJ, but which pouches to use for an SE Fett? I am sure, like myself, most SE builders are using AOSW reference pics to go by. I just noticed that is appears the AOSW costume appears to have ESB side pouches. I tried to look at SE scenes from ROTJ, but could not find a good shot of which pouches are used there. So, my question is to the SE Fetts out there. What pouches are you using?

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    Re: SE side pouches?

    I used the SE photoshoot shots for my reference, one beige and one light grey/blue pocket.

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    Re: SE side pouches?

    Where can I get hold of more ref photos from this shoot please?

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    Re: SE side pouches?

    You'll need the Reference CD available from TDH. It has all the info you'll need.


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