1. Randarous Ordo
    Jul 14, 2004, 1:05 PM - New Weapons #1

    I was wondering if anyone has heard or seen any other weapons Boba Fett has used. From expanded universe to the movies. I was thinking of trying to find some he has used and add it to my arsenal. I think it would be cool if he had smaller weapons/pistals/blasters he might have used that I could also carry around with me. It one have any information would help. I was hoping he might have used some weapons like Jango did for holsters. I think the Jango holster and twin guns are cool. Was hoping maybe Boba might have used something similar in his time of bounty hunting.

  2. Jodo Kast 2749's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    Jul 14, 2004, 1:45 PM - Re: New Weapons #2

    Well, Boba used this grappler weapon on our poor Jodo Kast when he stabbed him in the back in an unprovoked attack. (got the old Jodo hackles up there for a sec )

    At first I thought it was like the prepro left gauntlet thing but it has a an attachment piece that he sticks on the pole.

    Of course, he follows that up with a toxic dart. Maybe he inherited that from his father after he did in Zam.

  3. Predatormv's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    Jul 14, 2004, 3:02 PM - Re: New Weapons #3

    Of course he has the "sling gun" from the pre-pro suit. The small blaster pistol with the shoulder stock and sling on it. It is green with some silver on it. I have a pic you can see part of mine in. and here is the pic.
  4. slave1pilot is offline slave1pilot
    Jul 14, 2004, 8:24 PM - Re: New Weapons #4

    Jodo_Kast wrote:

    How does he talk out of his @$$ like that?

  5. Jodo Kast 2749's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    Jul 14, 2004, 9:16 PM - Re: New Weapons #5

    I think he has a miniturized twilek in his back pocket.
  6. Member Since
    Feb 2004
    Jul 16, 2004, 5:52 PM - Re: New Weapons #6

    back pocket !!!! OH NO! not another detail to find and make!!!!

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