new to making armor

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    new to making armor

    hi everyone i'm new to making mandolorian armor. have a few questions....what is the best material to use? and any tips would be awesome.


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    Re: new to making armor

    sintra (foamed PVC known in australia) (Sintra -- the basics) seems to be the go, also the creative lads on here are also going the bucket/bin armour as well. Some of the lads on here have placed templates for armour that you can print then mark out on whatever you choose to use then cutout. couple of tools to help u are dremel (but a sharp serrated utility knife held over a flame will help u cut out your armour, being very carefull) also a cheap heat gun got mine for $38 dollars Aus from hardware will help you out to conform the armour, shoulder pads ect (i didnt have one when i rushed my bucket armour through). check out craft shops, hardware's or one of the guys posted a place u could have it shipped to you on here. check the advance search link.
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    Re: new to making armor

    Hey Injun, (Yartz, right?) PM me on facebook and we'll get you straight. You should have came to our armor party this weekend. But whenever your free let me know and we'll get you fixed up


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    Re: new to making armor

    im new to armor making too and i was wondering if sintra is used to make the helmets too?

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    Re: new to making armor

    I suppose you could, esp if you used a batting helmet or something for the dome. I would rather suggest using "for sale" signs, then fiberglass the inside. If your small enough, you should buy a Jango 2 piece. If bigger, make the helmet the one thing you spend money on and get an M-DSB.

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    Re: new to making armor

    Thanx. i suppose if i used the for sale signs i would be using the WoF templates probly. one last question whats a M-DSB?

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