My new hood

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    My new hood


    I made it so I wouldn't have to use a separate neck seal on the jumpsuit. It's still possible to do it, though. I copied the pictures from Star Wars Chronicles.

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    Re: My new hood

    Looks really nice!!! My next endevor, learn to sew. Hope your still up for your tutorial on the other thread ; ).

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    Re: My new hood

    I put the vest \up. It's on our website with pics, too. I'll work on the jumpsuit one. Problem with that is that I use a pattern no longer available.

    I will make a tutorial for this hood, too, even though I doubt many people will make it.

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    Re: My new hood

    Oops, that wasn't Azeem, it was me on his computer.

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    Re: My new hood

    Very, very nice Lisa!!

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    Re: My new hood

    Nice job Lisa!

    Fett Guru strikes again!

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    Re: My new hood

    thats pretty cool, i didnt want to sew my neckseal to my vest so i might try something like that.

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    Re: My new hood

    very nice!

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