My MOW Jet Pack 98% complete

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    My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    Below is my MOW Jet Pack, took me a while to complete this, first time at doing this, it was a nightmare, harder to paint than the helmet. I had problems with the paint orange peeling due to bad weather, I'm happy with the result now, I just need to add some fine detail to finish.

    Thanks for looking


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    Re: My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    That's a good job, expecially if it's your first attempt.


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    Re: My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    very nice i hope mine can turn out as nice as urs.... im in the same boat as you also. finding the pack is harder to paint then the helmet.

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    Re: My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    That's bloody incredible !! Real nice work mate !!

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    Re: My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    i was terrified of doing my jet pack until i actually sat down and made myself do it. then it was like, "oh this is easy." these days i'm scared of doing my gauntlets.

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    Re: My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    Very nicely done.

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    Re: My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone

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    Re: My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    Wow , great job Tony, your fett is going to turn out amazing

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    Re: My MOW Jetpack 98% complete

    Great work, Tony!
    Are the small markings decals/vinyl, or did you do them by hand?

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