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    Jul 9, 2008, 1:27 PM - MOW rocketpack prep info #1

    I have a MOW pack that I'm ready to complete. However, I need some help on the prep work before I get a local TDH member to help with the painting. Does anyone know of a thread or tutorial on what needs to be done (sanding, puttying, etc.) and what to use (grits of sandpaper, types of putty, etc.) so I don't ruin this work of art?

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    Jul 9, 2008, 4:02 PM - Re: MOW rocketpack prep info #2

    i just got mine, and i removed the casting flash, drilled holes for the thrusters, installed a screw on the bottom of the rocket so i can bolt it on from the inside, drilled a hole for the light, used a drill bit to clean up the tiny holes on the rocket. i guess that should be the minimum you should do to your jet pack. then it all depends what else you want to install on your jet pack. but once you did all that, you can have it painted. when using sandpaper don't go to coarse. if you sand your jet pack you can use coarse to get things in shape quick, but you always need to sand with finer paper afterwards. i used 100 to get rid of the flash, and resanded the entire pack with 240, then 320 then 400.

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