JP Harness Question

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    JP Harness Question

    Hey everyone, I'm about to start looking for my harness and I have a quick question. Whats the best kind of harness to get? Can someone please point me in the right direction.

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    Re: JP Harness Question

    Although it's not movie-accurate, this is what I put together for the JB Project:

    It's extremely lightweight, and can be made for about $20!

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    Re: JP Harness Question

    mine is even simpler... i made my flightsuit out of a really heavy cotton twill. my straps are sewn right to the suit. i just have 2 straps with rings attached to them.

    the pack has non-accurate clips. rather than the hooks that should be there, i used the clips from a rifle sling... rotate and lock into place.

    i've got the us divers buckle on a belt that's riveted to the pack. that keeps it stable and close to my body.

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    Re: JP Harness Question

    thanks for the tips. I'm going to look around and see my options, but i really want to make it as simple as possible.

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    Re: JP Harness Question

    I came up with a JP harness, and then I went on TK409 web page and found out that mine looked almost exactly like his with a few mod's.

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