Jetpack rocket help

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    Jetpack rocket help

    I made the rest of the jetpack but i am stuck on the rocket i cannot figure out how to make it any ideas would be much appreciated I have looked around and was not able to find any useful information on the rocket itself.

    i need this done by haloween so the quicket method would be the best.

    thank you!


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    Re: Jetpack rocket help

    We have the same dilemma, hopefully someone has useful information they can give us
    I think i'm going to use the WoF templates and just make it myself.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Jetpack rocket help

    I am thinking about carving it out of styrofoam or seeing what i can do with the wof templates...

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    Re: Jetpack rocket help

    I made mine from two air fresheners, a gatorade cap between them, Then a spray paint can lid, then a cardboard and bondo cone for the top. The fins are epoxied balsa wood. I bolted them all together with a LONG 3/8" bolt through all of it so you could throw this off the roof and it wont break. I learned my lesson the hard way last time that I tried to glue it all together. I used shoe goo brand glue to stick it all together in addition to the bolt. THe shoe good will adhere to just about anything.

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    Re: Jetpack rocket help

    I went to hobby lobby and bought two cone shaped plastic bottles and cut them to size. The cylindrical parts were wood dowels cut down or wood circles glued together. The tip of the rocket was the bottom of a funnel covered in bondo and sanded smooth,

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