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    Aug 31, 2015, 3:02 AM - jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #1

    Well after roughly 2 years of toying around with it, I finally completed the EE3 kit that I picked up from Stormrider, ICONIC Props so long ago. My whole ESB build began with this EE3 so it only makes sense that it would be the first big piece to the puzzle to get it's own thread. That and she's just my pride and joy There are multiple threads out there that helped contribute to this build but a couple blokes I wanted to personally tip my hat to. Mike, Stormrider, for putting out probably the cleanest Webley cast I've seen. Virtually zero clean up, super easy to assemble and overall just a quality prop that I would recommend to anyone in the market for for an EE3, this kit is the teets. Bryan, BCurtis, this build began with an extremely inferior idea for electronics but because of this good dude's words of wisdom, motivation and what can only be labeled as boosting my soldering self esteem to get it done, I was able to make a childhood dream come true and will actually troop with a real laser blaster. Double tip of the hat to you sir. Andy, Intwenothor, for the fabulous Hunter scope (I'm telling you Bryan, that's an H!). And last but certainly not least, Erv Plecter of Plecter Labs which without his BlasterCore, the end result would not be anywhere near possible.

    So here goes...
    The kit out of the box was almost 100% ready to assemble and came with a sweet real wood stock from good ole Woodman. Little to no clean up, no visible bubbles, super clean cast including the greebs. Only pieces needed were a scope and flash tube which were easily sourced. Picked up a Heiland 2 cell on eBay for cheap thanks to Mike's suggestion and was fortunate enough to snag one of Andy's very well maintained, original Hunter scopes with the correct tall feet.

    As you can see, my original plan was to use the electronics I had harvested from my son's Hasbro EE3.

    Because this kit was so well made, there was very little prep work or adjusting necessary before painting. The only significant tweak that I wanted to make was regarding the front barrel mount so that's where I started. Mike has now updated his front barrel mounts and from what I have seen, his are now spot on accurate.
    My first attempt, I cut the opening a bit wider than i wanted, but damn... look at that shiny Heiland.... anyways, lol, Mike sent me a replacement recently so I gave it another go and am pretty satisfied with the 2nd attempt.

    Next up was making the trigger functional. Pretty basic concept. Mike sent me a flexible rubber trigger as well as a resin one however I chose the most accurate resin trigger and proceeded to hollow out the inner trigger area.

    Trigger fits, a little help from some washers, good to go.

    At this point I hadn't quite figured out how I was going to use the trigger to activate the electronics until I decided what type of micro switch I was going to use. It took a bit, ordered a bunch of different switches but luckily the switch I decided on acted as a spring to set the trigger back to its starting point and eliminated the need to install a spring while still maintaining the simulated movements of a pulled trigger....

    That's pretty much it for prep. The only steps left before adding the electronics was to assemble and paint, not necessarily in that order. Like I said, this kit was super easy to work with. Time for a little Jameson...

    Thanks for tuning in, much more to come....
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    Aug 31, 2015, 5:03 AM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #2

    Very exciting build. I love seeing these blaster's come together. I'm particularly interested in all aspects of your electronics that will go into this.
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    Aug 31, 2015, 5:57 AM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #3

    It's about time you got around to making a build thread for this beauty! Hurry up with that Jameson and get to the rest! Well...take your time with the Jameson but then hurry with the rest of the post. Can't wait to see everything all together and functioning.
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    Aug 31, 2015, 7:26 PM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #4

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    Sep 1, 2015, 1:36 AM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #5

    real jealous
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    4 Weeks Ago - Sep 1, 2015, 5:17 PM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #6

    Quote bcurtis said: View Post
    It's about time you got around to making a build thread for this beauty! Hurry up with that Jameson and get to the rest! Well...take your time with the Jameson but then hurry with the rest of the post. Can't wait to see everything all together and functioning.
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    4 Weeks Ago - Sep 1, 2015, 8:08 PM - jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #7

    Ok so light speed a bit into the future... Moved our little family into a new house with much more room to spread my ESB build's wings, as well as spread Boba Fett parts all over the kitchen, garage, living room and dining room lol "Babe, can you clean up your Boba Fett ****, we have company coming over..." was and still is a normal and justifiable request. Another I hear regularly that makes me chuckle, "There's more to Star Wars than Boba Fett!" She knew what she was getting into when she met me lol

    Anyways, back to the good stuff..
    Stock greebs painted, spent way to long going over reference shots to get them on point.
    My build is based on Bespin Boba, so I will be adding both inside stock greebs as seen below.

    Had the pistol grip gold plated, just kidding.

    Starting to resemble something familiar...

    I picked up some sweet Uncle Mikes sling rings, sourced the pin for the barrel hinge at Ace, attached the stock and the grip to the bracket and secured the stock greebs based on more unnecessary hours of studying reference photo's lol
    After Duplicolor primer, I used Krylon Fusion Camouflage ultra-flat black, then misted it with Rustoleum 2X satin espresso to give it a bit of that dark bronze base. The end result...
    I do regret adding the stock greebs before completing the Webley and taking this picture but, alas, oh well!
    DanzoFett referred me to a guy across the pond, for some leather strips perfect for the sling. Thanks buddy!

    Knowing that I was destined to add the electronics meant I had a bit more motivation to make sure the barrel was overly secured when closed, and since I've been somewhat addicted to magnets since I was a kid, big ones, small ones...its a problem for me, i decided to use some powerful N15s I picked up from K&J Magnetics to help things stay in place.
    On the breach...

    On the breach lock...

    I figured that since a real Webley MK1 uses a spring to aide in securing the breach lock, they may just be on to something so I added one as well
    We'll see how that works out a little later.

    Remember that bright shiny Heiland???
    A little Rusto 2X satin black and not bright and shiny anymore...

    I had little need for the super clean casted scope rings that came with the ICONIC kit after acquiring the vintage Hunter from Andy. I would however, need to rethink the shrouds used to attach them to the barrel mounts since Mikes had them molded into the casted rings.

    I ended up contacting Simon for a set of his shrouds. In the mean time, I figured that the casted ones, in all their beauty, at least deserved a brief moment in the spotlight. So I slid them on my cheapy eBay 4X20, added some paint and wtih a little help from some magnets, I told you its a problem, took what was now an EE3 out for a little test run as Boba the Bounty Hunter.
    You can't see it but my Pulse 40 (from Stormrider as well) is in an underarm holster ;-) It only took one smart ass munchkin to say, "sweet, but where's the rest of the costume?" to completely break my spirit like a kid who got all the crap candy on Halloween. lol Not this year son....

    With the trial run behind me, time to break out the Badger for some bronze-ish accenting of the Webley.

    WHOA, take it easy Walmart adobe orange!!!

    Ahhh, that's better...

    And thennnnnn..

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    4 Weeks Ago - Sep 1, 2015, 10:28 PM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #8

    That looks 100% real. Excellence.
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    4 Weeks Ago - Sep 1, 2015, 10:30 PM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #9

    Quote Mugatu said: View Post
    That looks 100% real. Excellence.
    Thanks bro! Much appreciated :-)

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    4 Weeks Ago - Sep 7, 2015, 8:04 PM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #10

    AAAAaaaand we're BAAACK! I know everyone has been on the edge of their seats waiting for an update lol, Ok well maybe just Bryan HA!

    So now on to the really fun stuff. With the shell of the blaster almost complete, it was time to start thinking about how to make it go PEW PEW. My original idea was to utilize the Hasbro EE3 guts I has harvested from my son's toy blaster. Since day one I didn't think this would ultimately pack the punch that I wanted and would only suffice the desire for it to make noise, frustrating me knowing that it could always be better. Subconsciously, I was thirsting for a new idea. Enter BCurtis. Seeing Bryan's thread catapulted my imagination to a higher level. With his guidance and expertise, my list of components expanded quite a bit as well. Pretty much the only aspect of my previous idea that I kept was the trigger's micro switch.

    Here's the updated grocery list...
    -Plecter Labs BlasterCore v.4
    -Rebel Tri-Star LED w/ red and blue LEDs
    -5mW red dot laser diode
    -LED ammunition indicator bar graph
    -28mm 2W premium Speaker w/ speaker housing
    -36mm 2W bass speaker
    -Rechargeable battery with charger port and wall plug converter
    -Resistors for LEDs and laser
    -Heat sink for LEDs
    -Thermal tape
    -Focus lens for LEDs
    -Aux switch
    -On/Off toggle switch
    -Kill key
    -Wires galore
    -Heat shrink tubing, various sizes
    -Quick release connectors
    -Micro tip soldering iron
    -Super fine rosin core solder

    First things first, needed to draft up a schematic and get a rough estimate as to what goes where...

    With a rough plan as to where everything would go, I set out to Ace for some sort of housing for the electronics. My had originally planned on using PVC based on RedArc's build however when I saw the sink tubes, the PVC idea was out the window. The sink tube is super low profile which allows for even more room to cram everything into. When i got it home, I was even more amazed that the tube was a perfect fit down the barrel and the lip of the tube sat completely flush in the breach which secures the tubing in place once the breach is closed. This also allows me to completely remove the entire assembly like you would a spent flare gun cartridge...


    Now that I had all the inner housing components, I was able to make adjustments that ensured everything inside had the maximum clearance while also maximizing the space provided. The sink tubing, once inserted, backs up directly to the flash tube. Inside the flash tube is the LED/laser housing. Thanks to the threading on the Heiland, the LED/laser housing only slides in so far, allowing for wire connectors from the main body to the LEDs and laser diode.

    So the BlasterCore board finally came in!!!

    Along with my original plan to use sub-par electronics, I also had an electronics buddy od mine that wanted to put it together for me since I had ZERO experience. Never soldered or assembled anything electronic other than care stereos back in high school. Well my electronics guy drug his feet for a long time and pretty much gave me the run around to the point where I gave up on that idea. Thanks to Bryan pretty much telling me to quit being a puss about it, I dove in head first...

    When I listed patience in my list of components I cant stress how much this is key to this type of work. Before I could even think about installing the electronics into the blaster itself, I had to test everything to make sure it all worked, had the right resistors and wired to the board properly. Not only was I dealing with very small wires, the board connectors were just as small.
    Good thing I listen when an expert is speaking because the LED ammo bar graph LEDs were off sequence a bit. Had to rearrange a couple LEDs roughly a square mm in size each by unsoldering and resoldering them, again, patience. lol


    Here's a look at the LED/laser housing. I decided to add the 22mm premium speaker to the LED/laser housing so that the speaker fires out the front of the flash tube. This adds direction to the sound and is noticeably much louder to anyone standing in front of the blaster as opposed to anyone standing to the side. The bass speaker is mounted at the end of the main electronics housing and with the barrel acting as a resonance chaber, really adds some umph to the overall sound of the blaster.

    Everything works! Now that the electronics have been tested, it's time to exercise space management and try to put it all together.

    I did say try lol...

    After a little hacking of the sink tube, but still retaining the lip that helps secure the housing, successful fit!

    Now the trigger...

    Time to attach the wires, load the barrel and power her up! But first, a short intermission...
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    4 Weeks Ago - Sep 7, 2015, 9:15 PM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #11

    I love this thread, dude! Except for the fact that I want it to already be done so I can get the whole story, with a showoff video! Honestly this thread is great. It will be really helpful to those who want to tackle this install themselves. I wish I wasn't as scatterbrained as I happen to be because I would have loved to be able to take photos of each step and create a great how-to thread. Ok then, hurry up and add the rest of the build. I'm gonna go back to sound editing for my EE-3 stand in the meantime.
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    3 Weeks Ago - Sep 8, 2015, 7:16 PM - jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #12

    OK B, you twisted my arm!

    So now with everything gently crammed into the barrel and flash tube, it was time to wire the final piece that would be the only external switch on the blaster, the auxiliary switch. This is a must for the BC4 to operate to its full potential. I used a tactile momentary switch I picked up from TCSS and it just happened to be the perfect size for the idea I had to mount it with little to no interference with accuracy.

    The only tricky part was feeding the wires out of the sink tube and out the hole beneath the larger scope mount on the Webley then solder the switch outside of the barrel and feed the wires back into the housing. I used a cheap bolt nut cap to impersonate the illusive bottom scope mount bolt and cover the switch button, I think I got it pretty dang close and the switch protrudes JUST enough to press it, but almost flush with the end of the cap...

    Time to give her some juice and get this party started. Commencing initial test fire phase.....

    First step was to pull the kill key, fingers crossed....

    Closing the breach rubbed against the rapid fire switch so I carved a bit out of the breach lock to make some room and in doing so, gave myself a very useful view directly to the rapid fire LED. Now I can see if rapid fire is activated without having to open the Webley, accidental geniusness is a habit of mine. jk

    Time to pull the trigger and see if all this effort has paid off...

    The laser dot is off a bit, can't have that! Unfortunately it's going to be tricky since it is mounted to the back of the heat sink and fires from behind the LEDs, through the middle of the Tri-Star. Had to think a bit on this....
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    2 Weeks Ago - Sep 21, 2015, 11:05 AM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #13

    Where are the rest of the updates? We need a showoff video!
  15. jbdubz's Avatar
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    2 Weeks Ago - Sep 21, 2015, 11:13 AM - Re: jbdubz ICONIC ESB EE3 PEW PEW build #14

    Quote bcurtis said: View Post
    Where are the rest of the updates? We need a showoff video!
    i know, i'm slacking!!! bday week and all, NO EXCUSES ;-) soon i promise!!!

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