Gauntlet tubing question

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    Gauntlet tubing question

    I bought my webbed nylon tubing for my RotJ gauntlets yesterday. Wondering how you guys typically attach them to

    A) The gauntlet -- do you normally glue it to the prongs that they slip over?
    B) Up the sleeve -- what does the free end of the tube attach to up the sleeve? How much slack should I have?


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    Re: Gauntlet tubing question

    Check out this image of the SuperTrooper from the rear with the position of all the hoses.
    SuperTrooper Rear View

    On the top image from the right you can see where the end of the hose are attached to the Jet Pack. On each end is mounted some thread connectors similar as used by plumbers.
    Pre-Pro 1 Jet Pack

    The experts from TDH may correct me if I'm wrong.

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