fan made armor on ebay

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    fan made armor on ebay

    hey guys,

    I found some really cool armor on ebay! its sold by a guy by the name of schubywan, he even does battle damage!That's where I got mine. He makes it out of sintra,and it seems to be fairly sturdy.


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    Re: fan made armor on ebay

    How does the back plate fit? Does that curve fit your body contour? Reason I ask is I've seen different styles of back armor and this one seems to be more curved. Wonder if the one that has flat sides at the bottom is any better. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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    Re: fan made armor on ebay

    I just ordered a set from him actually too! He seems to be very helpful, i provided him with plenty of detailed reference photos of boba's armor for him to go by. HE said i should have the armor next week! i can't wait.

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    Re: fan made armor on ebay

    greting folkes..... this is my first post on these boards!!! yay to me!
    Anyway, I've been contemplating getting a Fett/Mandalorian costume for a few years now but settled for a nice jedi outfit for EPII and III premieres.
    Last weekend was Comic-Con down in San Diego and saw many "Fetts" and decided to go for it.....
    now on to the question: I saw this guy too on e-bay (shubywan) and saw his work.....of those who actually got some armor from him how is it ie: quality and how was service from him.

    Thanks in advance...this is a great site and hope to find many good tutorials for my stume!!!!

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    Re: fan made armor on ebay

    my armor from him is at the post office right now, im going to go pick it up and then post a review about it. expect to see it within a few hours!

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