ESB or ROTJ Fett

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    ESB or ROTJ Fett

    Is there an accurate side by side comparison of the ESB vs the ROTJ Fett somewhere? I have done a search but maybe I'm searching wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: ESB or ROTJ Fett

    I've found that FP Armor's site has pretty good pictures of the three different Fetts (ESB, RotJ, SE). Here's the link to his Boba page: FP Armor Presents : Boba Fett You can click on one of the Fetts to see a more detailed picture.

    EDIT: I suppose it is worth noting that (as far as I can tell) these are not images from the film. That said, they seem quite accurate to me.

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    Re: ESB or ROTJ Fett

    Check the gallery that's attached to this site. It provides hundreds of photos on all the different Boba's on and off screen. Def. a great source.

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