ESB jumpsuit material?

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    ESB jumpsuit material?

    Has anyone gotten a hold of any fabric lately for an ESB jumpsuit? I've hit a couple Joann Fabrics this weekend and pretty much came up empty. I found a denim that is a light blue/gray but I think it has a bit too much purple in it. Once it's weathered, it might tone the purple down enough to be usable.

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    Re: ESB jumpsuit material?

    Many people dye their jumpsuits. If you can find some just plain white material, I know you can dye it the color you want. Juat make sure it is a natural fiber. Search the forum and you will find the dye color that is used.

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    Re: ESB jumpsuit material?

    The original jumpsuits were all white and then dyed. So, I think you will have a difficult time finding an exsisting colored fabric that matches the look of the original jumpsuit.

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