ESB EE - 3 Question

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    ESB EE - 3 Question

    On the side of Boba's Rifle there is what looks like a cocking arm. It is located on the the pistol section just above the trigger. It almost looks like a small wrench lever. Two questions. Can someone explain the purpose of it?
    And is this lever located on both sides of the rifle or just one side?


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    Re: ESB EE - 3 Question

    it is a v8 connecting rod from a Revell 1977 visible v8 engine kit...i serves no purpose for the action of the has been discussed aobut there being 2, one on each side, but there is no reference proof to that, at least any that i know of...

    i have some if you need some...shoot me a pm if so...

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    Re: ESB EE - 3 Question

    Thanks for the reply FettDad.
    I just ordered one and received two of them. I was just checking if it was a delivery error or if I should attach one to both side of the blaster.


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    Re: ESB EE - 3 Question

    Most put 2 on there, figuring that it symmetrical on the rifle. Its really personal preference if you do or not. I think it looks better with both IMO.

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    Re: ESB EE - 3 Question

    I always put one only on the right (asymetry ftw), I figue its s'pose to be a safety or fire selector lever...?


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