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    Apr 23, 2011, 11:16 PM - ESB EE-3 Luxeon light and sound mods #1

    Has anyone here ever done this? I have a pretty nice EE-3 that I am using now but have a Stormrider kit that I'm about to start putting together and have been in touch with him for the few remaining greeblies I need to complete the kit. Here are some pics of what I have for the Stormrider kit and what my current EE-3 looks like

    Basically I still need, the two scope rings, rails, mounts and top of scope mounts along with the v8 arm circular bases.

    Here are pics of what I have for Stormrider kit/EE-3 build (greeblies and blaster parts):

    *I have a scope that is super close but it's on the blaster I'm currently using. Below are pics of it still on the blaster I use now but you'll notice how it has the wrong scope rings...

    And here are pics of the blaster I use currently.

    Full view both sides

    What I am wondering, is for the build of my new EE-3/Stormrider kit, do any of you have recommendations for adding something like a Luxeon light and sound to it? I have a buddy that is down to help me work on this as well. I also saw this link and thought it was similar to what I'd like to do with this...

    Blaster Builders Club • View topic - My New Weapon: Blaster Carbine Rifle
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    May 13, 2011, 10:04 AM - Re: ESB EE-3 Luxeon light and sound mods #2

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    May 13, 2011, 3:20 PM - Re: ESB EE-3 Luxeon light and sound mods #3

    The blaster core v3 sound board from plecter labs is what you are searching for : Plecter Labs - Props Electronics The best in the galaxy !

    I installed one in an Offworld Blade Runner Blaster : YouTube - Blade Runner FX PKD Blaster with Blaster Core v3.0 and one will follow soon in my Stormrider EE-3 ^^

    But this boards are very hard to get and i had luck myself to grab some on Ervs side an year ago . He is an single man working mainly on lightsaber sound boards ( "Crystal Focus" the best you can buy ) and he has no time right now in fact hes an daddy for the second time for some weeks now .

    You can also try to get in contact with Hyperdyne and ask if he has some soundboards for blasters available : Hyperdyne Labs - Electronics

    Hope that helps , let me know if you want more infos
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    Aug 21, 2011, 6:23 PM - Re: ESB EE-3 Luxeon light and sound mods #4

    Scout Trooper on here hooked up this luxeon mod for me...once I get the last of the greeblies I need for my Storm Rider kit, I'll be able to finish up this bad boy. It should be sick once it's all done...

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