EE-3 Scope

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    EE-3 Scope

    So I'm just looking around at options to clean up/fix the resin EE-3 I have and was wondering what the official scope is?

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    Re: EE-3 Scope

    The original scope is an ASI. There are tons of threads in this section about it.

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    Re: EE-3 Scope

    Thanks guys...I'm probably not going to spend too much here on getting the exact replica. I looked through all three threads. I have been finding ones on ebay for under 15 bucks with shipping and some just under 20 dollars. I really rather not spend more than that. The ones I'm finding are looking close enough for sure though.

    My only other question then is what is the length of the ASI 4x20's so I can make sure to at least get a scope that is close in length as well as appearance? Thanks again!

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    Re: EE-3 Scope

    About 11" Though this can vary depending how much the focusing bell is screwed on. If u get a 4x20 it should be about the right length.


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    Re: EE-3 Scope

    Thank you sir!

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    Re: EE-3 Scope

    I just picked one up for 10 bucks shipped brand new on ebay. It's from an airsoft store. It's a 4x20 and is 10.5 inches in length. It looks exactly like the resin one I have except the scope bracket rings are off by a bit (single not double). Like I said, for this EE-3 I'm not going for spot on, I'm going for better than it was while trying to get as close as I can for as little loot as I can. Most wouldn't notice...

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    Re: EE-3 Scope

    I'm checking out the Airsoft website... its very awesome... Tis giving me some ideas on other mods that i need to make also.


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    Re: EE-3 Scope

    linky to ebay auction please?...

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