chest display protection

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    chest display protection

    Hey all...

    I just got my chest display today (TK 409 version) and it's awesom. I'm a bit nervous though about how all the wires are exposed along with the switch. I was hoping to see if any of you had suggestions for boxing off the small switch, protecting the wires and putting a type of backing on the board itself. I have some ideas but it would be cool to hear/see others...


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    Re: chest display protection


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    Re: chest display protection

    foam padding and tape should be good

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    Re: chest display protection

    Mine are literally just taped to the back of my armor and through the vest. Have worn them that way without issue for years now.

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    Re: chest display protection


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    Re: chest display protection

    His display is incredible! I put velcro about two thicknesses of it on the actual board and did about two thicknesses of velcro on my armor.

    There is a button hole in my vest where the wires travel down. There is a elastic strip sewn into a loop that holds the battery that is under the belly armor. It works great!

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    Re: chest display protection

    You can always cover circuit boards with Plasti Dip (found at Home Depot, Lowes etc. to dip tool handles into for protection- rubber) or even hot glue (not as easy to get a clean even look to it like the plasti dip). Both are non conductive and will protect well, as always make sure no battery is hooked up until everything is dry, lol. I've found some different colored front display parts as well, don't know if anyone has posted these before or not. (Appologies if it's a repost) Found several different colors by the sheet at Tower Hobbies online in the sheet styrene catagory, in red, blue, green, etc. example: Midwest sheet PVC you can layer more than one (as they are thin) to get the desired tint. Also have seen similar colored plastic on kids light saber boxes that display most of the saber through it at Toys R Us. Good luck.

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    Re: chest display protection

    actually i was about to ask the same question. my concern is the board/wires exposed to the sweat condensed in the chest armor, will it "burn" the display board ?

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    Re: chest display protection

    mine is duct taped into my vest. that's it, just duct tape.

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    Re: chest display protection

    My major concern is actually ripping the wires from the circuit board by accident or if it were to get snagged somehow breaking the solder too???

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    Re: chest display protection

    Okay, so I put a super thin rubber backing on the circuit board to protect that and have the wires all set as well.

    Now, my new issue is how much it pushes the chest plate out. Is that normal? Or will it sink enough into the vest for it to not be noticible? Or should I cut slots out of the vest and mount the display behind that?

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