I'm building this armor in an attempt to see where my short comings will be in a full build. I am in no way skilled but from everything I have read on this site I feel that I have a good chance of making an acceptable, not good, scratch built mandoloran armor before I try my hand at a Boba Fett set. I invite any and all criticism in this build as it is my first and it is from scratch.

I am starting with foam board cut outs of the chest armor. I will have pictures to follow once I find my cable for my camera. I plan to do two sets of the boards, one as a paint test to see what colors I will use, and the other will become the base that I will try to cover with fiberglass or make a mold and try to recast it. Still up in the air as to which one i think will come out better. Pictures and my first fails will follow in the next few days.