About scalps !

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    About scalps !

    Wich one is the correct way to do them ? I have seen images where the scalps would be attached on top of the shoulder and hang loose on both sides fron and back.
    And then there are other images where the scalps come down on the front, but go around the should, through the armpit and are connect to the front strain.

    Wich would be the right one ?

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    Re: About scalps !

    some take the AOSW or MOM pics as reference... personally I think those look horrible and are nothing liek the ones on screen...

    ESB has the blond hanging up front and back (so going around) the black one does the same but is longer on the back and short up front.

    the grey one jangs only on the front

    as for ROTJ.. I did grey up front, black on the back... blond under armpit..

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    Re: About scalps !

    The AOSW and MoM braids are a split-up set of the screen-used braids. You can see the same ones on the 1st prepro suit down to the ROTJ suit.

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    Re: About scalps !

    I just started braiding the scalps. OMGosh !!! What a mess, working with 120cm long hair

    Haven´t expected that !!!

    Anyway, progress coming good, finished the blond braid within one hour. I will base mine on the MOM pictures.

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