$10 EE3

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    $10 EE3

    I have made my EE3 from a pack of $8 pistols I found at a seasonal halloween shop at the mall, here's how, I'll have a finished photo soon.

    First here's the base gun right out of the package.

    Now here it is painted black

    I then took my BB Gun EE3 look-a-similar and cut off the stock

    Then I attached the barrel using some PVC pipe I had left over from another project and painted it black.

    Took the scope I got for my old one (got it at Wal-Mart for $7.00) and attached it with radiator hose clamps and painted it black as well.

    Here's where I am at right now, the bracket broke, so I'm playing with simply attaching the bracket inside the stock, tomorrow I'm buying that expanding foam stuff to still the stock with and it should secure the bracket nicely as well.

    here's another shot of it.

    I'll do the cooling vanes once I find something cheap that looks good. And I'm on the lookout for an endcap, but til then I'll prob just cover it up with a cut out plastic with a film canister in the middle.

    Let me know what you think

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    Re: $10 EE3

    Keep up the hard work

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    Re: $10 EE3

    OK I stayed up all night and woke up my upstairs neighbors with my grinding and cutting, but it's troop ready, I'll get an endcap laters Here's the photo

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    Re: $10 EE3

    Looks good dude! Make sure you seal it with a matte or satin spray. If you troop in it without doing that, that black will bleed all over your nice mando stuff. I learned that the hard way.

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