Sonic Beam Weapon

(This Image is being made available, not as canon reference, but as shape and design used by many costumers, and in no way reflects the screen used prop)

One of Boba Fett Shin Tools made from a Paterson RC Print Squeegee.

by Art Andrews

When cutting the squeegee be very careful, as you will use one of the scrap pieces for another prop, the Anti-Security Blade.

The following tools will be needed:

  • Sharp Knife (X-acto knife)
  • Saw (Hacksaw or mini hacksaw)
  • Dremel
  • Small Phillips screwdriver (Used to push the metal pin out of the top arm)
  • Two part epoxy
  • Ruler
  • Superglue or other strong adhesive
  • Course sandpaper
  • Fine sandpaper
  • 2 - 3 oz. aerosol cans of Testors Silver (Product # 1246 ) paint
  • 1/4 oz. bottle of Testors Orange (Product # 1127) paint (for stripe detail)
  • Airbrush
  • Black electrical tape (for details)

STEP ONE - Removing the Blades and top Blade Guide:
Remove rubber blades from blade guides (pic 1A). Next, remove top blade guide (pic 1B). To do this, remove the metal pin from the hole that is holding the guide. Guide and 2 springs will fall out. Discard metal pin and springs. Don't discard blade guide. It will be needed in step three.



STEP TWO - Cutting off the Arms:
Measure 4.5" from end of top arm. Etch a cutting line across top arm with a sharp knife. This line should be 3/8" below the center of hole for the metal pin removed in step one. Remove end of the top arm with a small saw but do not discard as it will be used for Anti-Security blade. Use newly shortened end of top arm to measure and etch a cutting line across bottom arm. Remove and discard end of bottom arm and end of bottom blade guide.

STEP THREE - Reattaching the top Blade Guide:
Blade guide consists of two symmetrical halves. Glue halves together with adhesive. Use adhesive to coat back half of blade guide rail. Coat both sides. Slide rail into the slot of top arm and squeeze sides of arm together so adhesive will adhere it. Glue end of bottom blade guide into bottom arm as there is no point of attachment to the end of the bottom blade guide, which was cut in step two.

STEP FOUR - Trimming the top Blade Guide:
Cut top blade guide flush with top arm. Fill small rectangular holes in ends of arms between arm and blade guide with epoxy and sand smooth.

STEP FIVE - Removing the third Finger Groove:
Squeegee has 4 raised knurls. Sonic Beam Weapon has three. Use dremel and sand paper to remove fourth knurl. Knurl is hollow and contains one of two large springs found in grip section. Remove and discard spring. Sand lightly. Do not worry about making this area extremely smooth as the knurl area on the original prop is very rough.

STEP SIX - Painting and Weathering:
Paint entire squeegee silver. Let paint cure for 48 hours before moving to next step! Use a combination of a small metal file and fine sandpaper on edges to create edge wear and lightly brush with sandpaper to further enhance weathered look. To get a well used and very beaten/pocked look place squeegee in a large tupperware container with many handfuls of small crushed rock. Shake vigorously in all directions for several minutes. Lightly sand again if needed.

STEP SEVEN - Detailing:
Create orange stripe detail by masking off squeegee starting 1/3" below center of 2nd hole on grip. Mask off entire squeegee leaving only a strip 7/16" wide up the side and over the top of grip, ending 1/3" below center of 2nd hole on opposite side. See pictures below for detail. Paint unmasked strip orange with airbrush. Use one very light coat of paint so silver base coat is visible through orange paint. Orange coat should be somewhat translucent. Let paint cure for 48 hours before removing masking tape!

Apply black details to bottom arm of squeegee by printing detail template below and using it to cut pattern out of black electrical tape. The small black detail starts 1" from edge of bottom arm. The long black detail starts 2/3" from edge of bottom arm. See pictures below for detail. Superglue or other adhesives should be used to strengthen the electrical tapes bond to the squeegee.

Lightly brush electrical tape and painted red stripe with sandpaper to match previous weathering.

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