Kaiser Camera Shoulder Stabilizer

Part NameCamera Shoulder Stabilizer with Grip
Mfg Part #6004
Approximate priceprice varies widely depending on seller
AvailabilityAvailable from time to time on eBay.
Purchase URLn/a
CharacterBoba Fett
Used for
Pistol grip and stock of Boba Fett's "Laser Rifle".
Important Associated Threads in Discussion Forums
Original Kaiser discovery thread on the RPF
Additional information
It should be noted that the Shoulder Stabilizer is Mfg Part #6003 and the Grip is Mfg Part #6001, the set together is #6004. The hand grip has two color push button (or trigger) options, Red and Black.

(This part was found by Capt MarVell on the RPF in July of 2006)

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