Boba Fett The Empire Strikes Back Costume

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Actor: Jeremy Bulloch

Stand-in Actor: John Fass Morton

Voice Actor: Jason Wingreen

Voice Actor ESB Radio Drama: Alan Rosenburg

?...A human bounty hunter, Fett was known for his extremely ruthless methods. He was dressed in a weapon-covered, armored spacesuit, the kind worn by a group of evil warriors defeated by the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars. A few braided scalps completed his unsavory image. The very sight of Boba Fett sent a shudder of revulsion through the admiral.? ? The Empire Strikes Back novel by Donald Glut.

Boba Fett?s back-story has changed since the release of Empire Strikes Back as well as the original origins of his Armor. Fett was originally designed by Joe Johnson and Ralph McQuarrie in 1978. The suit was built in EMI London and shipped back to Joe Johnson, where he was able to paint the costume.


?As you wish? ? Jason Wingreen

?What if he doesn?t survive? He?s worth a lot to me.? ? Jason Wingreen

?I am in no hurry, Lord Vader. My concern is that Captain Solo not be damaged. The reward from Jabba the Hutt is double if he?s alive.? ? ESB novel by Donald Glut

?Put Captain Solo in he Cargo-Hold.? ? Jason Wingreen


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