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Boba Fett was originally dubbed as "Super Trooper." The costume was to be used with multiple characters as a type of advanced snowtrooper. The key distinction of this costume is that it is all white. This version of the costume was never used in any official medium.

Suit worn by Duwayne Dunham, Assistant film Editor for the Empire Strikes Back

According to Joe Johnston, the co-creator of Boba Fett, "Originally, Boba Fett was part of a force we called Super Troopers, and they were these really high-tech fighting units, and they all looked alike. That eventually evolved into a single bounty hunter."

Original correspondence between the US and UK development teams for the Empire Strikes back also labels the costume that is today called "Boba Fett" as "Super trooper." According to this documentation, six all-white suits were created in the UK and shipped to the US. These suits strongly resembled the final look of Boba Fett except for their lack of color and the lack of any identifying marks, such as the iconic dent in Boba Fett's helmet.

The all-white Super trooper was shown to Lucasfilm insiders for the first time on June 28, 1978. Most of the images of the Super trooper that are publicly available came from the test shoot done at this time. As early as June of 1978 Joe Johnston had created new concept artwork that would later be used to convert one of the all-white Super trooper costumes into the first version of Boba Fett, which is commonly called the Preproduction 1Boba Fett costume or the "Eyes" costume due to the eye-like decals placed on Fett's helmet. In the same concept artwork, we see the name "Boba-Fet" for the first time.

By September 24, 1978 the Preproduction 1 Boba Fett costume had been completed and was being shown to the public for the first time at the San Anselmo's Country Fair parade.

Distinguishing characteristics of the Supertrooper:
-White on white color scheme
-Lack of damage to armor or helmet (no dents or dings)
-Carries sling gun (similar to the gun that is carried by the Preproduction 2 Boba Fett costume)
-Carries a modified uzi with a flash tube for the barrel (similar to Boba Fett's ESB Blaster)
-Has a triangular shaped "gas gun" on his left gauntlet (similar to the one seen on the Preproduction 1 Boba Fett costume] and Preproduction 3 Boba Fett costume).
-Has the same symbol on his jet pack as is seen on the snowtrooper's backpack.
-Utilizes a Vintage Star Wars Beach Towel as a cape.


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